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3/21/2005 4:35 pm

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home all alone

Bi-Curious Female:
Home alone this evening. My hubby is out of town on business. Sitting here thinking about all of the things that we could do together, all of the fun that we can have sharing our relationship with another woman.
Sounds a little strange, but I want him to be able to experience other women. I will enjoy seeing him satisfy someone else, with me playing or not.
The idea of it makes me revert back to the times when the kings had their mistresses. They got to choose which woman/women would satisfy their appetite for the night and left the other women alone to entertain each other.
I believe that I am heading back in that direction in my thoughts and wants. Give him a chance to enjoy other prospects, keeping him happy, interested, and healthy, while at the same time, giving myself the opportunity to explore other perspectives and experiences.
If this seems like something you would be interested in helping me achieve, let me know, we can chat and feel each other out.


thewildalliecat 38F
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4/13/2005 2:17 pm


Hello Sexy,

Well we've already chat and felt each other out up and well~grins~Just to let you know Chuck says if you guys wanna kidnap me sometime to play he's fine with it. He's met you both and we're comfortable on that level.~grins~maybe help ~coughs~comfort you on some of those lonely evenings when the hubby is gone with work and stuff. Or just come over to shoot the proverbial BS and play cards. Even though between us that is a dangerous thing~grins~

But I'm sure you will find some more out there willing to help. Just give it time. And have fun with those that you do meet. Friendship is just as important. You'll know when you find the right one or ones that you click with.

~grins and licks~Anyways going off will talk at you laters.


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