Fun with sex......  

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Fun with sex......

With Clothes........

Being naked is fun but wearing some clothing can build anticipation according to Cosmo

*Stand behind him, wrap your arms around his torso and press against him. Then slide your hands into his boxers while kissing the back of his neck.

*Give him a long look of you in a bra, panties and tall boots. The vixenish sweet combo majorly turns men on.

*Blindfold him with his tie. Blocking his sight heightens his other senses, and not knowing your next move will drive him insane (in a good way)

*While wearing a silky camisole, climb on top of him and slide your body all over his naked skin.

*Let him lick your breasts through a sheer bra, then pull the straps one at a time to grant him full access.

*Whip off his belt, fold it in half, and playfully smack his butt.

*Gently bind his ankles together using your bra. When you restrict his movements, you get to be in control and he feels the thrill of being dominated.

*Unzip his pants, but don't pull them off. Instead, take his member out of the opening in his boxers and treat him to oral action. It'll give him a rush to have only this one sexy part exposed.

*Have him place his hands or mouth down south while you are in your undies. The fabric is a barrier and his warm breath will feel amazing.

*Slip off your panties but keep your skirt on.

*Roll a smooth beaded necklace over his stomach or up and down his thighs and along his member to give him a soft skin tingling massage.

*Just push your underwear aside to have sex. The immediacy of it is hot, like you cant wait to have each other.

*Don't let him remove his t-shirt during sex. Mid- orgasm, grab the fabric in the middle of his chest, twist it so it tightens around his torso and pull him close.

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