What I do Best.  

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12/6/2005 8:50 am

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What I do Best.

The second woman I had sex with was 12 years older than I. She decided to teach me how to please a woman. She was 29, married and had been around. She spent the summer 2000 miles away from her husband at her in-laws. By the time she left to go back to Callifornia, I had a well educated tongue and could bring her to orgasm in just a few minutes. She often would cum so hard, she would squirt all over my face. She declaired me a Pro at eating pussy. I actually liked it so well, that it became my standard forplay.
To my amazement, a lot of woman I have been with had either never had their pussy eaten or it was done so poorly, that they never saw the benifits until they met me.
After I married, I slowed down my extra sex considerably. It wasn't until my last company, that I got back in tlhe swing of it. My wife was in Atlanta and I moved to Memphis. We only saw each other once every 2 weeks. Well, there were quite a few women at work that liked to mess around. During this time, I ended up sleeping with 3 of the ladies in the office and 2 of the ladies who worked for me. In every case, they came on to me and 3 of the 5 had never been eated. They each asked me how they could get the husbands to do this, so I taught them some secrets and tricks. They were verrrrry thankful to me that lasted the whole time I was there. One of the ladies could not get her husband to try it, so she divorced him and met another "Gary" who did it. She fell so in love with him that she untied her tubes and had 2 kids with him (that made 4 for her and she still had a fantastic body[age 40]). When I left the company, she gave me a special send off. We went to a semenar at our sister plant and spent 3 days and nights together. Wow, what a send off!

If you haven't guessed by now, I LOVE TO EAT PUSSY!!! I'd even could forget about fucking if the woman really got off big time (actually happened a couple of times).
If you'd like to take a test ride or learn how to get your husband or lover to do it or do it right, send me a picture and email or leave me a comment and a time to chat.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

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