What I've Learned  

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12/7/2005 7:31 am

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What I've Learned

The greatest lesson I learned from my 29 year old friend from California back when I was 17 was pleasing your partner is the key to great sex. "The more you give the more you will get"!

Soooo, what I like to do is start with kissing and licking a woman's inner thigh starting just above the knee. As I move up the thigh, I increase the intensity until I reach the "holey land". My tongue then parts the Outer Labia just above the vagina, then parts the vagina labia and gently probes her. I then move upwards to the clit and begin to swiril around it and stroke it with my tongue. I'll work the clit until it begins to swell, then I begin to sucking on it. Through alternating licking and sucking, I will take you to the greatest climax and orgasm you have ever had.

Even if your lover eats you, you've never experienced what I can do for you. If your lover doesn't do anything for you, I can show you how to get him to do what I do without him knowing you had a teacher. Leave me a comment and when we can chat, so we can get together.

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