With great regret, and a broken heart.  

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1/9/2006 10:24 pm

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With great regret, and a broken heart.

Hey Gang,

Garion here. Boy did I ever get ditched! Check this out. Has this ever happened to any of you to this degree? I'd love to hear your answers.


Anyway, a couple I knew and played with many times, went on vacation, and spent many elegant dinners with just ditched me. Their letter was diplomatic and eloquent, but the KEN is a professional diplomat. So, one just has to read between the lines.

I adored these people, but over the past couple of months, they quit communicating. I was very busy for the holiday, and I think that offended them. I did Christmas with them and bought them elaborate gifts, and they bought wonderful ones for me.

So, here's the deal. I've always been upfront that I see other couples that are also friends. With my impending graduation about 3 weeks out (Feb 4), I'm ramping up my swinging. I get all kinds of hits from fabulous people! Well this profile, Garion4Fun, is just a bad boy. Enjoy him. He's a great date!

Anyway, I tried repeatedly to contact them and I got short, but polite and uninteresting answers. The flame was obviously gone, but there was no explanation.

Early in the relationship we agreed that we were all adults and had feelings that could be hurt and that if something came up we would talk about it. Well they didn't hold up their end. They concealed their feelings and told me the opposite of the truth when I inquired about their discomfort. It seems to me I was holding up my end and trying to talk to them.

In their letter I was accused of impropriety because I didn't want a monogamous relationship with them and because I have this single profile. They acted confused, when I've always been upfront about it.

The BARBIE, a few weeks ago make me feel so dirty, and suggested I was going to catch a horrible disease and they had to start wearing condoms. But no, that wouldn't work for them. The KEN can't handle condoms, so it just made everything distasteful for everyone. I feel like I was being coerced into a monogamous relationship.

You know, I didn't earn an advanced degree in Information Technology by doing stupid things. I'm squeaky clean, and always will be because I use my head first, and I play safe. So, strike number two.

Also in the letter they again, eloquently, told us that they can't see us for weeks or months because they are too busy. Hello? Read between the lines "we won't see you ever".

What a big damn let down for being judged for something I always professed. They pursued me hot and hard - not me them. They made the decisions. They couldn't handle it.

I was so depressed and hurt over this I did something I just don't do - I got hammered and could barely walk for an entire Sunday. It destroyed me. Well fuck'em. There are plenty of fabulous folks knocking down the door. I have my pick in this game, and I'm lovin' life.

OH, TJ, Roger, if you're seeing this - you're so fricking hot it blows my mind! We must rumble again very soon...

more to cum...


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