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Let's Try it in a Duck Costume!!!

Linda Ferrell
Jan. 31st 2002

What Do you consider to be the Greatest Crime of the Twentieth Century?

The crime that I consider to be the greatest of the century is the Jeffrey Dahmer murders.
Background: Jeffrey Dahmer was born to Joyce and Lionel Dahmer on May 21, 1960. As a child he was normal, he played with the usual toys like blocks and stuffed animals for example. A memory his father recalls is: when his son was four years old, Lionel had found some animal remains from under the house that had been killed by civets. Jeffrey accompanied Lionel as Lionel cleaned the crawlspace. As his father recalls, Jeffrey seemed, “oddly thrilled by the sound they [bones] made.” The next major thing that happens in Jeff’s life is his hernia operation at age six. After the operation he withdrew from people. But the fascination with the animal remains did not leave him. In his teenage years he was known to go around and collect animals that had died on the road, sometimes strip their flesh and mount their heads on stakes. It must be stated that his obsession was only with carrion, never was he known to harm living animals. So hopefully this gives a little insight and comprehension regarding the acts he committed in his later years.
The Crime: Jeffrey Dahmer’s crime was murder in the most basic sense coupled with a dash of cannibalism and homosexual tendencies. The first murder that he committed was in 1978, when he picked up a hitchhiker, Steven Hicks. Jeff and Steve drank a few beers together but then Steve wanted to leave. Jeff could not bare the idea of Steve leaving so he struck Steve in the head with a barbell and killed him. He took the remains and hid them in the woods behind his house. Jeff then went into the Army, but was kicked out shortly upon entering for alcoholism. Upon arrival back home he dug up the remains of Steven Hicks, smashed them with a sledgehammer, and redecorated the surrounding flora.
Jeff did not strike again until 1987 and this time the victim was Steven Toumi. Jeff and Steven met in a gay bar earlier that evening and had been drinking heavily. They went back to a hotel. The next day Jeff was dumbfounded to find him dead with blood coming from his mouth. So Jeff purchased a large suitcase and put Steven’s body in it. Then he transported the body to his grandmother’s basement, had sex with it and masturbated on it. He then dismembered the body and threw it in the garbage.
By the time he had killed his third victim, Dahmer had a method to lure his victims in. Usually his victims came from gay bars or bathhouses. He would lure them with money, beer, or videos. After he had them in his apartment, he would drug them, strangle them, have sex with the body and get rid of the bodies.
So you get the idea of the procedure he implemented to fulfill his desires. He was eventually caught after he lured a thirteen year old to his apartment, drugged him, fondled him and let him go. Upon the boy’s arrival home, his parents noticed that he was acting strangely and took him to the hospital. After testing it was clear that the boy had been drugged. The boy, who was the brother coincidentally of the one he killed in 1991, led the police to Dahmer. Dahmer was arrested and charged with sexual exploitation of a child and 2nd degree assault. Dahmer’s defense was that he thought the boy was much older than he appeared. While waiting for sentencing he killed another man named Anthony Sears. He lured Sears up to his apartment with money in exchange for nude pictures of Sears. But what Dahmer does next establishes a new pattern in his psychosis. Dahmer boils Sears’ skull and keeps it as a trophy. This is the precedent of what would happen to his other victim’s remains. In later murders he would also take pictures to remember every step of the murder, and actually eat the flesh of some of his victims. He got arousal out of his acts as well. All in all he killed 16 people. Dahmer was a control freak. He didn’t care about gratifying his homosexual partners, he only cared about self-gratification, and he would get this from his partners dead or alive.
If this isn’t the crime of the century, I’m sure it would make it into David Letterman’s top ten. Crimes range from infractions to felonies, with infractions being at one and felonies being at ten. This is a 17 in my opinion. First off, when you rate a crime as bad you compare it to others within and outside of the category. And in this particular category there are not a lot of contestants, so it is easy to win the gold medal. Second off you have to take time into consideration, how long did this person commit the acts they committed without being caught, in this case almost 14 years. Another consideration to take into account is how many acts occurred over the period in which they occurred. If I make a crime career out of stealing paper clips, I would have to steal millions of other planetary dimensions paper clips for eons to get enough of them to equal Dahmer’s notoriety. The values of the society doing the judging also play into this as well. You certainly may not covet thy neighbor’s wife/husband no matter how much she/he looks like a snack. So this is what I take into consideration when I think of the crime of the century, hearing about this case when I was eleven gave the people in my bad dreams, bad dreams, so it has always stuck out in my mind as horrible.

Consequences and Effects “Waiting for Sentencing”: At the one point in his life where he was caught, stood trial for some of the heinous acts, and came before a judge, he was let go! LET GO! Based on his performance in the courtroom to a large degree. He spoke in defense of himself so eloquently that the judge forgot everything he learned in law school and sentenced him to probation and ten months of work release where he was able to work but had to be incarcerated at night. So future judges I am sure will not let known cannibals have a second chance by letting them go free to become more cannibalistic on society. I am sure that judge still gets crap about that case to this day. You just do not do that if you are a judge, even I know that as a non-judge certified person.

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