Was the First Woman called Eve? (4)  

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11/18/2005 1:23 am

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Was the First Woman called Eve? (4)

Aaaag OK, since I'm up early for a change, (actualy I get up rather early at Sally's place to), and I am in from of the computer now, and I am behind with my blogging, and I got nothing else to do, I guess I might as well tell you some more about Eve, the first woman I met of this site.

So... Last time we checked, I've just dropped her off at her house after our first date, and I was heading home. I sat back down in front of the computer, and we continued chatting, until we both went to bed a few hours later.

It did not take long to set up round two. We met on Wednesday, and Friday she invited me to spent the weekend in a rented flat with some friends, just a few blocks away from my place. In this case I knew that "spending the weekend with friends" did not mean "fucking some friends", which was just fine... I still wanted her for myself for a while. I got up Saterday morning, and walked down town to hook up with them. They also just arrived. For the first time, I actualy noticed how small she realy is... she could walk under my arm and still have some room to spare.

Anyway... the friends in this case was another couple, old friends of hers, but I was made welcome imediatly, and we all started chatting away over a few drinks. In front of her friends, she was this little angel, not even capable of thinking about sex, so I barely touched her for quite some time. This little game of pretend was bitter sweet, liking it, and at the same time hating it. My ciggies was almos finished, so I took the chance and went to buy some more, taking her with me. I grabed her as soon as we got out the door. I still had about half a pack of smokes left, but since I was outside now, I went to buy some anyway.

We went back to chatting, drinkng beer, and snacking on the usual things. At some point the other couple went to the shop, (probably for the same reason), and we were alone at last. The door closing behind them, and me flinging her to the couch was the same thing.

"Think we have time for a quikie?"
"Let's go to the room..."

This had to be real quik, since the shop is right next door to the building of flats. Thank God they walked the other way, not knowing the area, so we ended up with more time than we thought. It was quik thou. A real "wham bam thank you m'am", ripping clothes of and fucking and licking like animals. We kept on at that pase, not knowing when the others will be back. I heard the knock on the door. They were locked out, but I ignored it, fucking her harder. After about the third time they knocked, Eve heared them and it was over. We got dressed, opened the door, and went back to the lounch to socialize some more. It was obvious to them that she was not that little angel she pretended to be, since we were sitting there like people that just got utterly fucked. After that I touched her all the time.

We had some food later on, drank some more, chatted some more... and eventualy it was bed-time...

So it came that we, for the first time, got into bed together. This was just so much better and more comfy than the car. And I was realy looking forward to that blowjob she promised me. She felt real bad about the fact that she didn't give me one last time. This was gonna be good!

Bye for now and happy fucking...


rm_FreeLove999 46F
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11/18/2005 6:31 am

palpable tension mounting ...

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rm_Gaeb 38M
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11/22/2005 4:14 am

u know me baby... i fuck like that... i write like that... xxx

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