The Holiday Gift  

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12/13/2005 6:47 am

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The Holiday Gift

How playful the snowball fight got as we threw wet curve balls at each other in the lightly falling snowy afternoon; suddenly without reason, or words she threw the last snowball at me and suggested that we get some warm brandy and start our holiday early.

Saying this with a twinkle in the soft eyes of hers, I knew that warm brandy wasnt the only thing warm in her mind, or at least I thought that was to be the case; and so I was right as I lit the fireplace with a warm and inviting yule fire and put on the cd player with sonm soft christmas jazz.

She joined me with a stunning enterance,dressed in a white Bustier with matching silk stockings and come fuck me heels and a smile that said even more than her outfit even dared.

Her full heaving breasts glistened and almost screamed to burst out from her garments and beg for attention...I would not ignore that plea, that I promised myself.

She was nicely tanned, thanks to the miracle of science these days, and with no visiable elements of tanlines, her dark raven features cast elements of pure lust within my was remarkable how the thin line between love and lust often crossed, as just a short hour before I was loving her with my eyes in a differnt manner as we threw wet snowballs at each other, and yet now a fire raged inside me equalling the now fully involved fire in the hearth.

Screw the brandy,was my thought, who needed liquor with that before me; she was 150 proof all in a white bustier package..and I was eager to unwrap that present just like a kid at the tree on Christmas morning.

"I see you like the gift I got you" she said in an almost questioning response to my smiling look at her radiant beauty. My response was not something James Bond would have said, but was rather clumsy and somewhat Junior High like, but she just laughed and slowly came to me and gave me a soft lasting french kiss..."this is just the first package baby" she whispered as she softly nibbled on my neck.

It was gonna be a great Holiday, I thought ot myself, like mixing Christmas in Connecticut with a good porn film...Talk about melting snow!!

Another long kiss, and I told her how I lusteed for her and desired her be it jeans and a Tee or what she had on just now. She pouted and asked if I didnt like the response was better than the last...simply put, let me unwrap it and i'll show you my dear.

"Frankly my dear,it may take me till New Years to get to that thank you card" I said with a sheepish grin. " Promises Promises, she said as she slowly started to unbuckle my trousers...Yes Tis the season to be Jolly...

Hope all of your holiday dreams come true!!

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