Testing the Waters  

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10/14/2005 6:32 am

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Testing the Waters

Gazing across the whitcapped waves off the Carolina Shore I listen intently to the whispers of past lovers teling tales of encounters so descreet,and of days when the desires of man and woman were taboo for the world to see let alone hear; The frustrations of a wife forced to share her husbands soul and passions with another yet daring not to offer her pent up passions to a would be lover in the recesses of the night.

I am in essence the actor in a stage of my own creation, my needs akin ot that of a sexual vampire, a character I have long created upon paper and somehow my alter ego in more mortal ways. I desire the taste of her carnal passions, her name I do not know, her smile I have not seen, her desires I know not.

Darkness cloaks me and my desires, and only within my eyes of plae blue can one see the light; See the needs I have to take my expert hands and shape her curves and worship at her altar of pleasure.

She is there somewhere, prehaps not alone but with a willing watching partner, perchance she is in thought of needing someone as a long term lover yet like me knows that to find that which she yearns she must journey a path of open and unbridled passions.

I await her, so close that she allows me to trace with my tongue sweet notes of love and desire across her body; that she will crave for the moment that I take her passions with my lips, brushingly softly across her Clit, as I detail her soft thighs with my hands.

I call her to my side , but where is this silent medium that will allow her to hear my carnal pleas? where!! Dare I find it here, or shall another sunrise recover me still rent with desire?

I test the waters of passion and fate here; I need to drown in her large mounds of pillowflesh, I desire to bathe within her..I need her I whisper..Cum to me here Cum to me!!

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loved it,loved the intensedy of your desire,love that loving feeling you give and the emotion you put into in-Dee

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