Drilled by the Sergeant Part 1  

PetriNaiadNoses 61M
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3/11/2006 1:37 pm
Drilled by the Sergeant Part 1

I was cleaning out closet when I ran across my old uniform. A flood of memories hit me. Those were the day! The days years ago when I found I was gay. No AIDS to worry about and not much VD of any kinds with guys in uniform. Monthly inspections took care of that. Life was exciting. I had just learned the joys of cock-sucking and was surrounded by handsome, available men in uniform. Then I recalled the tough drill Sergeant. The guy notorious for beating men up. Only in the service a few weeks, I was working a desk job, since a typical GI snafu had delayed my basic training. The the order came. Up to the other end of camp I went with a bunch of recent draftees. Confirmed for intensive basic with no weekend passes, we had a tough physical exercise, night marches, classes, and daily drill on the parade ground. That's where all of us who were gay ogled the drill sergeant.

He was build like a Greek god, drop-dead handsome. He'd obviously had his uniform fitted by Charlie the Tailor, down in the village. No regular GI uniform ever showed off a beautiful body the ways his did.

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