Does He Really Want The Truth?  

rm_GaKitKat 39M/39F
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7/8/2005 7:52 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Does He Really Want The Truth?

Why in the world does a guy ask stupid questions after sex? It has been said that men wanna sleep and only women engage in pillow talk, but speaking for myself after a few awee-inspiring orgasms the only thing I wanns think about is,"I wonder how long 'till that 'man-hammer' is ready to go again?"
At the exact moment I decide to not wait for that awnser, he looks and says," Do you think I have a dick bigger then that guy on the porno?" In my head I have 2 thoughts. The first, Damn looks like I'm gonna take round 2 in my own hands! The second thought, "well, duh! That's why he's in porn and your in my bed!"
Or like when our guy friend left after watching a sunrise in the backyard while taking me doggy so hubby could fill my mouth (damn that was great nite!!), hubby asked, "did he get you off better then I do?" HELL YES was my thought. "That's why he did the work and you got your dick sucked all night."
Why do men ask such things knowing a.)we wouldn't really say what we thought, b.)they really don't wanna know. I've never asked him if her pus tasted better then mine, or if she sucked better then dick me. I don't really want the awnser.
After I fuck the hell out of him tonight instead of waiting for round 2 I think I'll wait untill the exact moment he opens his mouth to ask and then, I think I'll just sit on his face!!

rm_ruckus1313 57M
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7/13/2005 2:22 pm

You can shut me up by sitting on my face any time. We all say the dumbest things at times. I'd rather just worry about catching my breath for round 2. I know I'm not the biggest or best, but I'm happiest if I know you NEED a break and don't want one. You'd be one hell of great lady to meet.

UrFunB4Mine 53M/41F

9/8/2005 11:01 am

WOW, a honest female....LOL....really like the honesty. I'm sure some things are better left unsaid. I'm bad to say/ask the stupidest thing at the stupidest time, so if you're thinkin clearly and I'm all goofy from fuckin, please blow some smoke up my ass....LOL....let me enjoy it for atleast a little while. If you build, instead of tare down you would be suprised what a strong,sexlife you can build!! So what if that ones bigger, that one might taste better....THEY ain't here right now!!!! If they were, it probly wouldn't be as good as you think anyway....LOL....grass is always greener.....But sex is best spread all over your face.....LOL.... So, love the one your with...and share the fun of others together. You might just unleash the perfact sex partner, thats closer than you think?

nyamoufnatl 40M

8/27/2006 11:00 am

If he has to ask he already knows that he is coming up short

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