Thou art Beautiful  

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4/10/2006 2:00 pm

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Thou art Beautiful

Woman I see you standing there and my heart quivers. I see the look in your eyes and the essence of your being. I see the shape of your beautiful body and the way you stand so seductive.

I want to hold you and caress you and care for all your needs and wants. I long to hold you in my arms and feel the warmth of your body against mine.

We embrace and I feel your breasts against my chest and I feel like a little baby comforted by his mother. I feel complete and warm and full.

I want to caress you and I reach my arm downward and feel your firm Rear and rub holding you close to me. I am feeling my manhood swell in my pants and want to give all of myself to you and give all my insides to you.

I want to serve you and meet all your needs, not just the physical but the deep emotional and psychological and fellowship needs. I want to fulfill all your dreams, aspirations and fantasies.

I want to know you I want my soul to actually enter your soul and meld with you so we are both spiritually partaking in each other. I want to be able to really listen to every feeling you had as a little child and as you matured to that beauty that only could have been created by God Himself.

I feel so strange as a man built for strength, and rigidity to be holding this other species that was created for gentleness and feelings that I can barely understand. But I so want to milk the truths from you to meld me and help me understand.

I want to please you and not just take from you I want every part of you to quiver with pleasure and fulfillment so you will feel full, happy and blessed. Though I have a desire to thrust and shove in my excitement, I want to be gentle and submissive to your most cherished needs. Can I hold back and just give today? Can only be the giver and not just taker of pleasure from the font of your love.

I take your blouse and bra off You are so majestic with those beautiful rounded breasts facing me, they are so beautiful. I gently kiss them and gently rub my tongue around the tips and suck heavier. Later I put my head between them and rest. My innards feel so warm and I feel so protected and secure. I am secure on the inside like a baby who has just obtained nutrient from these wonderful creations.

I remove your pants and I see the font of pleasure. I playfully stroke the front and marvel at the beauty. It smells so fresh and delectable so sensuous so perfect. I crave to caress the innermost parts but I touch you on the inner side of your leg just above your knee and gently caress you up and down your inner thigh as I kiss you and hold you. I seductively move my caresses further up your leg and lightly touch your vulva then retreat back towards your knee. I again run my tongue around first your right and then your left breast tip. I continue caressing your inner thigh in a filtrating manner, until you almost explode with the need to go further.

I gently caress your vulva, first upward on the sensuous left side them move over to the right side and deep kiss you, sharing all the inner parts of our mouths. And as your clit starts to engorge, I rub downward in the center carefully gently rubbing my finger against your clit. It is so small and gentle, but has the total control of you like the rudder of a ship. you melt and become putty in my hands and I feel the gates to all your passion pening up.

I kiss your stomach and slowly lower myself so I can start repeating with my tongue the moves hand had made.

The taste of you is so pleasant and it is like finding the food of the Gods for the first time.
Woman you were crafted for me , you have become my fountain of youth
I love the way you were made, so perfect for my enjoyment.

Ye my purpose in life is to give you the ultimate in orgasmatic relief, pleasure, and security. I know it brings out your true beauty, it combs out the brain tissues so you can become the better person for this day.

Yea the only reason for my being is to give that joy and happiness to you. I am your slave to pleasure and comfort. If I can I will serve you to the last days of your life.

I see the beauty in you as you grow older and develop a more portly body. Inside is still that beautiful woman, seeking that same comfort and with a font of joy to give.

Oh woman you were crafted so perfect and so beautiful. You are the font of my needs you are what I long for and what I have searched for my entire life.

Ye I originated in the womb of woman and have for a life time strove to return to the nest of where I was born. I love that nest, the source of my pleasure and and where I find my purpose in life. I want to feed it and care for it with all my passion and love.

I have the desire to give to you with all I have in e-mail writing or the physical touch. I long for the sight , smell and taste of you.

I long to hear the special needs you dream of so we can share to refine my knowledge of really who you are. I strive to serve your needs and wants, I want to "give-a-lot" to you.

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4/16/2006 11:55 am

Just: Wow!

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