all alone again  

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4/25/2006 7:54 pm

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all alone again

When he is home I am so happy. But now he has been gone almost three days and he wont be home until friday. It would not be so bad if I was not 5 months pregnant and bored out of my mind. He does not want me to work while I am pregnant but I am going nuts. My house must be the cleanest ever. When the baby starts kicking and he is not there to feel it too, it makes me so sad. And the only friend that we have here in TN is always to busy to even talk to for a few minutes on the phone. I try and take my mind off of things by reading nasty stories and getting myself off but that only lasts a few minutes. I hope things will be different when the baby comes. Not worse, only better. I am rambling again. Sorry everyone.

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5/2/2006 9:17 pm

The absolute worst time to be alone is when you are pregnant. You really ought to see what kinds of community groups are available to you. The only reason you should NOT work while you are pregnant, is if you are having physical problems that are interfering with your pregnancy. I cannot stress this enough. You absolutely MUST find some sort of support group. Check in with any community centers. If you have any reason whatsoever to join a support group, try that, just for the friendship factor. Human beings, most of us, are not designed to sit alone for days on end. When women are pregnant, what we need are girlfriends who care about us and share in our joys and struggles. With your partner gone all the time, you've got to come up with a way to round things out for yourself. It should be your daily mission. Another thing, is if you have sane neighbors, go out and take a walk every day. People LOVE to talk to pregnant women. Perhaps you have some wonderful neighbors, especially a senior citizen or two, and find you have something in common. Don't discount your needs right now. You will regret it later, when you never have a moment to yourself. Take care of you! It's good for the baby.


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