rough start  

rm_Fun4Cat 33M/31F
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6/16/2006 4:58 pm

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3/18/2007 6:05 pm

rough start

well, not going as well as we had hoped early on here. We have had soo many people visit our profile, but none really matched what we wanted. We have chatted with many people, but still, nothing very lucrative has com from any of this. We did however have someone interested, but then things with her b/f had gotten much better and pretty serious, so she was forced to change her mind. Oh well, maybe things will start looking up for us soon!

rm_hcouple1000 41M/38F
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7/3/2006 6:09 am

We actually have had a hard time as well on this ... but we finally found that ONE girl who was wild and willing to share a night with a couple ... we had a great time! that was about a year ago ... we also share some time with an older woman... since then we kept trying and sort of took a break, since it is pretty difficult. However, we were satisfied in a way that at least we found that person who made it worth while. In our case, though, we are more interested in the guy/girl experience. The gf, is not too interested in the g/g experience. she likes to watch.

We are trying to maybe meet with a couple, for same room.

Good Luck, and don't give up ... keep trying!

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