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11/27/2005 12:56 pm

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It seems that the only responses I get to my ad is people telling me that I should start a blog because my ad is funny. To quote the very short Joe Pesci "Funny how?. Tell me what's so fucking funny about me! What am I, a fucking clown? What am I here to amuse you? what makes me so fucking funny, huh, huh?"

Oh my the language, do you kiss your mother with that mouth, how horrible. "No, but I fucked yours with my mouth". Ohhh you, you pig. Take that back you disgusting person you. My mother has never had sex, in fact I was immaculately concieved, she's a saint! "Yeah, she's a saint alright, saint bendover, they named a church after her, Our Lady of a Thousand Blowjobs" You heathen, you're going straight to hell for that, don't pass go, don't collect 200! "Oh puhlease, I'm talking to you ain't I? I must already be in hell!"

You're so mean. These nice people on AdultFriendFinder requested that we start a blog, and you turn it into an attack on my mother. "Well you're right about one thing, I was on your mother, but she attacked me" That's it I've had enough of this, I'm leaving, and it's your lose because I was going to let you watch the Oprah dvd with me, but you blew it! "No, your mother did, hahahahah"

That's it, no more of you. I'm done Goodbye! "See ya, tell your mother I said hi". Okay so where was I, oh yeah, so youse guys want me to blog eh? Be careful what you wish for, those last few paragraphs was pretty riveting stuff wouldn't you say?

Stay tuned. Same Bat time, same Bat channel

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