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6/20/2006 7:09 am

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Am I looking for a Fuck Buddy? I don't think I am anymore. I am not interested in one night stands anymore either. Perhaps I am going through another of my growing up experiences.

Am I looking for marriage and happily ever after? I don't think I am looking for that either. I am looking for something in between.

What do I have to offer to the males out there. Depends on what they are looking for I guess. My experience would probably be the biggest thing. Sexually I like to try different things, I like to be me, and I need a man who is confident enough in himself to let me be me. I sometimes like to be in control of the situation, I like to torture a man with pleasure and gentleness. I am not into violence or pain, I have had enough of that in my life to not want it in my bed. I do not then need to be told I am pushy. I know I am. If I see something I want, then I will go after it. I refuse to live my life having regrets of not trying something as opposed to trying something and failing.

I also realise that I need more contact than just in bed. I am looking for a partner, friend or friends to fill the gaps in my life so that I can continue to blossom into the woman I am destined to be. I have lived through enough in my life to know that I do not carry baggage. Instead I carry a survival kit for when I get hurt (which I will be, because I may be blonde but I an not stupid), I carry memory albums of the special things I have done, some of these I am happy to share, like getting engaged on the top of Ayers Rock. My husband was totally blind and we felt if we could climb the rock together, we could do anything. I also carry the memories of the tough times to. Of watching the man I loved being eaten away by cancer until there was nothing but skin and bones left. Of watching his pain and knowing I could do nothing but offer my love and hold him as gently as I could. These are all part of me now. They travel with me. And they need to be shared with others. I have a lot of love to give and I will share it with any that I meet that need to be loved.

So do I need a Fuck Buddy, I still don't know, if you only want to know me in bed and nowhere else, then I don't think I want you. Do you need your freedom, but want to offer the occassional night out on the town or a cuddle in front of the TV with a good movie. That sounds fair enough to me. Do you want to take me out 4WD and camping and possibly make love under the stars, that sounds like good fun to me.

If you are looking for a partner to be there for you as you face the challenges in your life. If you are prepared to have an equal in your life, who you know will be prepared to stand beside you whether it is meeting the Prime Minister or fixing a broken engine. If you are strong enough to allow your partner to be herself and to make her own mistakes, yet be there to hold her when all she wants to do is cry. Then call me. I know I need a strong man who can face life and accept all people as human beings who have the right to be themselves. Regardless of who they may be black, white, gay, straight, tall, short, male, female, disabled or able bodied. I like people to much to judge them, I will judge their actions, but not the people after all actions can be changed.

The only other thing I need to mention is that my nickname of Froggy comes from the fact that I am Fully Reliant On God. My faith is total, my commitment is non negotitable. It is my faith, I do not expect it to be your faith as that is your choice.

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6/28/2006 9:57 am

We have alot of the same thoughts....you go girl!!!!!!...i will be keeping up with youre blogs as i hope you will mine....i agree a fuck buddy is not a long-lasting and meaningful buddy its just a screw like screw you........hang in there here is another bbw who is in there with you.......i would personally like a great lover and friend...if he can be with me out in public on the town and wine and dine me just as he can take me home and lay me down and we keep an honest and sincere friendship i could be content with that...in life there isnt much we can ask for but that...a man who honestly wants to spend quality time with you........and not just for a fuck!...thanks...take care...Diva37

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7/13/2006 7:56 am

if you want to go camping just contact me, i have all the gear and the landcruiser is ready to go

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