When To Answer  

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8/1/2005 10:42 pm

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When To Answer

She answered the door that morning not knowing who was on the other side. She heard the knock and walked down the hall to the side door of the house. It was extremely quiet that morning...her husband must not have been up yet...nor all the kids.

She opened it slowly and realized she needed to tie the front of her robe..quickly she did a "cover up" and opened the door to something she couldn't exactly figure out.

There on the porch was a puppy in a basket..she looked quickly down the street..eyes darting one way and then the other...she just caught a glimps of a black 4 door sudan driving around the far corner of the street. She did not recognize the car at all.

Her attention turned towards the puppy who was trying desperately to get out of the basket on her own. As Ashley bent down to pick the puppy up, her neighbor walked by and said

"nice morning isn't it?"

Ashley waved and said "yes it is..ummm Paul? did you see who dropped this puppy off on my front porch?"

"I did see a black 4 door sudan just a few minutes ago, a guy who was dressed very well, got out with the puppy. I didn't recognize him or the car. Does that help at all?"

"Maybe, maybe not...", Ashley shrugged her shoulders and gathered up the puppy and took it into the house.

When we're faced with decisions in our lives, we often times retreat into silence. When I visit those moments I like to write.

Anyone interested in reading more?

take precious care of you...
P.S. I'm new to this kind of blogging..I have another on-line journal..but not on a dating/swingers site

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8/2/2005 12:26 am

Nice little story so far...

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8/2/2005 1:54 am

Write away!

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