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5/22/2006 9:20 am

So I am invited to a show of a rather racy nature by a blonde girl of Italian descent who has always told me were just friends and nothing would ever come of it.

So I was okay with that, and figured I would take a look at the show and watch the people.

Well it turned out to be more than just a racy show, it turned out to have people from the raunchy side of sexual meter, and there were many ladies dressed up to be Domme's, spankers and the like.

One came up to me and asked me if I wanted to be spanked. I delcined by saying I was the spanker and if she wanted to, I could show her some new techniques. This comment was heard by my inviter, and did not seem to cause any concerns.

Later in the evening, I think when the young lady that first approached me, got a little more liquid courage, she came over to me and said she was ready for a little advise.

Seeing that we were not the only one's who were doing things in the open area of the club, I took her with me to a chair, and leaned her across my knee.

Pulling her skirt up to show me what she had encased in her underwear and nylons.

Across the room I noticed my inviter watching.

So to give he a show, and maybe show her what she was missing, Ialso ynaked the youung lady's panties down to expose her white read cheeks. From her I proceeded to teach her how to spank each cheek in a different location and from the tops to the bottom area of the cheeks where they join the thigs.

It was obvious the young lady was enjoying this, as she squirmed and asked for me not to stop. She also had other signs of her enjoyment.

After five minutes of this I let her up and told her that was how you spanked.

She rearranged her skirt and puller her underwear up and went to get a drink for me and her.

It seems that I had garnered quite an audience, but my invtier had disappeared into the crowd.

Assuming I had been abandoned for some other male, when my young friend got back with the drinks I became more acquainted with her.

At the end of the evening I made my way to my car to find my inviter standing at the car glaring at me.

I could tell she was pissed. She was Italian, and had a way of glaring.

Letting her into the car, I watched for signs of easing up of the tension and glaring.

We drove off into the night to take her home.

Just me tell you there is nothing better than an Italian woman pissed off at you for the hottest sex possible. Her bum also was a pleasure to redden.

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