Celtic Life  

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8/24/2006 3:16 pm
Celtic Life

A Druid Priest climbs his tower
To unleash his power
While a priestess readies his bedchamber below
He must aid an evil king who covets a bride
A queen who refused to marry
A queen that damaged his pride

Searching the night, he finds her far to the east
In a heavily guarded castle
Locked in the uppermost keep
He pulls a mighty storm from the sky
And winged demons that fly
To assist the King in his plan for revenge

His powers awaken the beast that lies deep in his soul
A beast that can only be sated by the priestess below
He flies down the stairs consumed with desire
Finding her naked and sitting in front of the fire
She lies on her back as he takes her all in
From the emerald green eyes to her luminous skin

Quickly he disrobes then lays down beside her
Devouring her mouth as the fire roars higher
One hand finds her throat
The other her breast
As he swallows her moans and sounds of protest

With amazing strength she turns the tables around
The priest enjoying the view from his place on the ground
Her breasts so full, her nipples so tight
Passion possessing them both
As she rides him through the dark night

The beast burrows down as the sun clears the sky
His priestess collapses
The victorious king gives a cry
A castle lays defeated
A queen sheds her tears
Just one night of many in these glorious Celtic years

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