A Theory or Philosophy  

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3/8/2006 11:52 am

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A Theory or Philosophy

Had an interesting little get together last night.

She was cute, blonde, smart, funny, and insightfull.

She even keeps track of what I say and is not afraid to get in my face.

Our converstation brought to mind I can sit there and talk to a woman about things other than getting into her pants, panting at the site of her cleavage, or important and deep stuff.

She did not even snicker when I told her I had been working on my homework for a course I am taking at the University on Shakespeare.

Something that was said, brought to mind something I have been working on over the years of studying people. Or maybe it is the recurring theme of metamorphisis in Shakespeare.

It is this.

Some people are reluctant to change thier lives, their habits, or themselves because of a comfort level.

It is like being lost in the woods or forest.

The rule is you sit and wait.

Most don't, since they figure that if they walk back the way they came, they will be found, find their camp or car, or be better off than sitting their waiting for the bears to come and eat them.

Doing something, anything is what they feel comfortable.

Whether it is the right thing, or whether they have thought of the path they want to take logically is something that has not entered that picture yet.

Now the person or persons will start to walk, some end up going in circles and being worse of and now are really lost or meeting up with the bear sooner then they have planned.

I figure that walking in circles becomes safe and comfortable to them, and they decide not to try different paths that might lead them to their cars, because it is a path of the unknown.

They in fact stay walking in the circle because they are comfortable.

They are comfortable, but not making progress and no better off than if they had just sat and waited.

Some people I meet are on that circle. They go along in life thinking they are going to be able to change or make an improvement in their lives, but in the end they do not have the courage to try one of those new paths that might lead them into some really new ground, past the bear who is so dangerous and into the hands of something better and more satisfying in their lives, for their the rest of their lives, and for their souls.

angelgrrl 48F

3/10/2006 10:47 am

I will have to think about this. I think I'm doing just that -- walking in my circle, thinking I'm making progress but in fact just staying still in my own way.

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