The Joker has come out of the box  

rm_FrankG80 36M
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6/1/2006 5:40 pm

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11/21/2010 4:28 pm

The Joker has come out of the box

Life as you know it is going to change,why you ask well cause you now know me. Now I'm not the supermodel but I do just fine. I'm what you would call an average joe. I'm 5'9" tall and yes Im FLUFFY yes I said it Im FLUFFY.That means i have extra meat to hold on to,and i provide heat for those cold night. I can keep you warm when the nights get cold.
I'd like to ask all of you out there one question, why do women always go for the hot looking guy.The kind of guy that is skinny, he's not going to provide you heat at night for you to sleep confy. Women will go for the good looking guy who is going to treat them like shit and then just leave them. Well there is my side of this so I guess if you think other wise or just want to write something go ahead write something.

Wetnwyld1694U 42F
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8/16/2006 1:25 pm

Looks are all within the beholder..I go more for the personality and the common interests that I have with another than just looks. However...some people have awesome sexy eyes..and that gives me an extra turn on...


rm_hotfucnow 45F
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2/7/2010 1:56 pm

I know this is an old blog but I jut came across YOU..amazing HOT to me! Exactly what catches me eye..I'd let you warm me up any cold night....Besos para ti...

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