Wet one  

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5/17/2005 12:19 pm

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Wet one

I'm just about to open the door to this little bar. I'm pretty nervous, as I'm meeting stunning lady. Going over the things I wanna say one last time in my mind, but it is no use, because the moment I walk into the bar and behold your radiance, I simply forget everything.
I walk up to you and introduce myself. You hold out your hand, I gently take hold of it, after which I take a seat accross from you. As I remember nothing about what I wanted to ask you, I start telling you stuff about me. You keep staring deep into my eyes, with this hungry gaze. It's making me more and more nervous. You notice as you put your hand on mine, allowing me to calm down a bit. Slowly but surely, the real me comes floating up along with my confidence. I think to myself: "come on man, a bit more assertive, she likes you too". I give myself an imaginary kick in the ass and take a bit more initiative. I start caressing your hand with my thumb.
Clearly you were thinking the same about taking the initiative, feeling your foot rubbing against my leg. I lean forward a bit more and shift the caresses to your lower arms. You respond by letting your foot slide up higher.
"Would you care to sit next to me ?" you ask. "I would love to" as I slide up next to you. I look around the bar, noticing that we're sitting in a pretty secluded part. I lean over towards you, tucking my nose in behind your ear, as I gently kiss your neck. A moment of suspense follows, as I await your reaction. I can feel your hand sliding up and down my leg ... we're in the clear. So I start licking your neck, behind your ear, along the edge downwards softly biting your earlobe. You squeeze my leg, showing me you like it. I rest my hand on your leg too. Your hand is sliding up my leg, making me get hard in anticipation. My hand moving up too, along your inner thigh.
We're both startled by the waiter suddenly comming over to ask us if we want to drink anything else, both of us snapping back to an upright position with our arms by our sides. Both blushing , we order something else to drink.
You excuse yourself from the table to go to the ladies room. I admire your beauty as you walk towards the rest rooms. Just before you disapear through the door, you signal me, with a flick of your head, to come over too. I shake my head and rub my eyes, wondering if I really saw what I think I saw. I take another sip from my drink and decide to go for it. I walk through the first door and enter into a small hallway. There's 2 doors, one to the ladies and one to the gents. I have a quick look around before I peek inside the ladies room, to see if there's no one there, stepping inside as soon as I notice that it's empty. There are 2 stalls, only one is occupied, so I knock on the door. I hear it unlocking, the door swings open and you pull me inside. I lock the door behind me and as I turn back towards you, I see some panties lying on the floor, making my excitement grow. We fall into a passionate embrace as we start kissing eachother passionately, resting my hands on your tight and tasty tooshie. You wrap your arms around my neck. I gently squeeze your cheeks, as my hands slide down the side of your legs, sliding your skirt up on the way back, so I can feel if it was your panties I saw lying on the floor. When I reach in between your legs, I immediately feel a pair of juicy lips engulfing my finger, making my excitement grow more still, so much in fact, that I can't control myself any longer. I start undressing you completely, you eagerly follow my lead and start freeing me from my clothes as well.
All our clothes hanging from this tiny hook, our naked bodies rub up against eachother, caressing eachother anywhere we can. I close the lid on the toilet and set you down on it softly. Kneeling in front of you, grabbing your legs and putting them over my shoulders. I start licking circles around your sweet, juicy, shaven pussy. Reaching around your legs, spreading your labia as I slide my tongue inside you as deep as I can, gently rubbing your clit with one of my fingers. You taste so good, licking you everywhere I can reach, faster and faster. You arch your back as you moan softly. You enjoy it so much that you let go completely and start peeing. I'm a bit startled at first, but the warmth running down my neck makes me so horny, that I start licking you even harder. You notice me enjoying it so you keep soaking my face all the way. I lick and swallow all I can, but can't help alot of it running down my neck, but the warm feeling is so enticing. I can tell you're liking it too as you pull my head towards your pussy, feeling my tongue flicking over your clit while you pee, nearly makes you scream. Almost right after you finished peeing, I can feel your lips tightening, as you cum all over my tongue.
All this made me want to pee too, so I ask you if I can pee inside you. You eagerly nod yes. I help you up and turn you around. You lean forward, supporting yourself on the toilet, I bend down a bit as I slide the head of my cock up in between your legs. Resting the head against your pussy, spreading your lips, so I can slide in inch by inch. Your still soaking wet, so in no time I'm thrusting in you hard and fast. With each thrust, exiting you completely, then ramming it back in so hard, that you can feel my balls slapping against your clit, faster and harder. I start licking my thumb, rubbing my spit all over your tight little asshole. I keep licking and rubbing, till you're nice and wet there too. Sliding my thumb inside your asshole, as I grab your tits with my other hand, pulling you over me even deeper. The feeling of your ass squeezing my thumb, pushes me closer to my climax. I can feel all my muscles tightening as I fill your hungry pussy, thrust by thrust. Staying inside you after I've unloaded it all, waiting for my dick to get just that little softer. When it does I moan a bit as I start peeing inside you. Filling your pussy up completely, the warm glow engulfing you whole. Just when you get the feeling you're going to burst, everything comes pouring out of you. All the hotness dripping down my balls and down both our legs. I can feel your pussy tightening around my cock again as you cum again. I lean forward and softly massage your breasts as I carefully slip out of you.
I help you up and we embrace once more for another long and sensual kiss.
We use some toilet paper to dry ourselves up, standing on the one dry spot that's left on the floor, to get dressed again. We get back to our seat, you quickly finish your drink and invite me over to your place. When passing the counter, I pay for the drinks and tell the bartender that the lady told me there was a leak in one of the ladies rooms ....

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5/19/2005 8:42 am


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7/14/2005 2:14 am

k...fluff......now this made me wet and hard too....lol

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7/19/2005 6:22 am

Keep up the writing, Fluff..... I enjoy reading it.

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