The Ritual  

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The Ritual

This is the story about Deja and what happened to her one night after work.
She was walking home after working late one night. It was an exceptionally dark night, there was nearly no moon and very little street lights that were working.
There was quite a breeze that hot summer evening, the leaves on the trees and bushes were waving in the wind, making quite a bit of noise.
As she's walking home, she gets the eary feeling that someone is following her. The feeling keeps building up on her, until she stops all of the sudden and quickly looks behind her, only to find a completely epmty street. She continues her walk, her mind calming down again, thinking all is safe.
It's at just that time, that about 3 yards in front of her she sees the outlines of a person stepping out from behind a tree. She's startled and she stops, and the very next second gets grabbed from behind by second person. Before she realizes what was happening, a van had already pulled over and she had already been dragged into the back of it.
The van is already moving again, when it starts to dawn on here that she has been abducted. The feeling of having no control over the situation at all, not knowing what will happen to her, is scaring her so much she can't even scream. Shivering she looks around her. She's on the floor of the van, surrounded by 5 men in long hooded robes, the hoods are on in a way that she can't see their faces.
As the van comes to a stop, her hart starts beating even faster, the adrenaline racing through her veigns. The doors to the van open and the men pick her up and carry her out. She wants to start kicking and screaming, but just now realizes that her hands and feet are tied up and that she can't make a sound as her vocalcords seem to be petrified. After looking around her erratically, it seems to be a graveyard they brought her too. Her thoughts being confirmed when they enter a tomb. They carry her down some stairs, down a dark hallway lighted only by the flickering of torches on the walls. The hallway leads to a big room with an altar in the centre. A big stone altar, with dragons and skulls carved into it. The men gently lay her down on the altar and tie her down.
As the sound of drums starts to fill the room, she can feel alot of hands grabbing her, rubbing her all over her body. Still scared out of her mind, she can't help but feeling a bit aroused by the touches.
The man standing at the head of the altar, lays his hands on each side of her head and tilts it back. A man next to him pouring a cup of what looks like blood to her. They force her to drink from the cup, she tries to resist, but has to drink from it eventually. As some of the contents of the cup start filling her mouth, she realizes that it is 'only' red wine. She drinks it all, thinking she'd better be drunk for this.
As the cup is taken away, she sees the light of the torches reflecting in somthing shiny ... It's a knife with a curved blade.
She can feel it brushing down her chest, in between her breasts, down towards her belly and over her legs. Someone grabs the bottom of the dress she's wearing and the knife starts cutting through her dress, all the way to the top, peeling it of her.
She doesn't know if it's the wine, or that she subconciously wants to submit, but she can't help but getting more and more aroused. As she lays there, almost naked on the altar, the feelings of scaredness start fading, beginning to feel sexier as each moment passes. She feels the flat side of the blade pressing against her skin again. The cold steel making her twitch, as she feels it sliding down again, cutting of her bra as it goes further down, to cut off her panties too. The blade disappearing from sight, as she's being grabbed again by all the hands, carressing her naked body. She starts moaning and moving her body around to meet the touches. Getting so into the sensations, that she hardly notices that one by one, the hands disappear and the men start leaving the room. The 2nd to last person to leave, closes a big door behind him, it shuts with a loud noise, startling her. She glances around the room, only seeing one more robed person in there. He approaches her from the foot end of the altar. He reaches for his hood and slowly reveals his face. She sees it's her boyfriend, feeling anger, rage towards him. Only for a brief moment though, as the rage turns into lust and total desire. What happens from here, I leave up to your own imagination....

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8/5/2005 3:12 am

knuffel voor jou, geile fantasie hoor, ik kan me er wel iets bij voorstellen, ontknoping is helemaal super !!!!

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