The Exam  

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4/26/2005 10:42 pm

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The Exam

All students are just entering the classrooms. I had snuck into the school myself, just in time to see which classroom you enter. I slip in the classroom and take a seat next to you. You are so focused on the exam at hand, that you don't notice me sitting down beside you. There are 2 professors surveying the exam, so I pretend to be working on the exam as well. After a while the professors seem to be less attentive and they even start conversing with eachother.
This is my chance ... You still haven't noticed who is sitting next to you, when you feel a hand slipping in between your legs. Startled, you angryly look to the side ... but your anger turns to hunger as soon as you notice it is me feeling you up.
Much to my delight, I feel that you are not waring panties under that short skirt of yours, proven by your lips wrapping around my finger. I try not to look at you too much, otherwise the professors might notice.
My hand up your skirt, running my fingers in between your pussylips and over your clit, I can feel you getting wet. I glance at you quickly, to see the expression on your face, you are clearly enjoying yourself. Turning back to face the front, I notice in the corner of my eye, that the girl, sitting on your other side, has also noticed what was happening. She's clearly enjoying it too as I can see her hand reaching at her crotch. Too bad for her she's wearing tight jeans and not a skirt.
You are practically soaking , as I slip two fingers into your pussy, in and out, faster and faster. It's getting hard for you to focus on the exam. You've only filled in half of the exam, when you put your pencil down, turn your face towards me and say: "I want you ... now". We both hand in our examsheets and head out of the classroom.
Walking through the hallways, to the back of the school building, to a secluded classroom, that's hardly ever used. Once there, you reach for the doorhandle "Yes, it's not locked". We enter and head over to the desk at the front. I grab your arm and pull you towards me, as I kiss you deep and passionately. I lick your neck and your ears, as I lift you up. You wrap your legs around me and push yourself up against me. I set you down on the desk and push you back. Once you're lying down, I take a step back and lean forward to lick your juicy cunt. First I lap up all the juices that have been flowing so far. Then I start trailing my tongue between your inner and outer lips, as I part your lips with my hands.
All of the sudden, I hear the door opening. Just as I was about to get up, you grab my head and hold it down between your legs, as you'e already seen who it was that opened the door.
Trusting your judgement, I continue going down on you. I feel someone crawling in between my legs, I look down and see the girl that was sitting next to you before. She sits down on the floor with her back against the desk. While I keep going down on you hard and deep, I can feel my pants being unzipped and a hand slipping inside. My cock eased out and before I know what's happening, I can feel the girls lips surrounding my cock.
You squeeze your legs around my head, hinting me to keep going. So I start focussing my licks on your clit, flicking my tongue over it as I slip 2 fingers inside, massaging the front inner wall of your vagina, flicking my tongue faster and faster.
Meanwhile, the other girl holds up my swolen cock and start licking my balls.
I let 1 of my 2 fingers ease out of your pussy and start rubbing it against your tight little asshole, making it nice and wet with your own juices. Once your asshole is nice and slippery I start massaging around you asshole, until it relaxes completely. I ease the finger inside your arse, gently moving in and out. Fingering both your pussy and your ass, as I keep licking your clit. You start moaning softly, arching your back, pushing yourself down on my fingers. Encouraged by your moans, I start pushing my fingers in deeper and faster. After a while I feel your pussy tightening around my finger, your face running red, as you cum all over me hand.
You push me up and you take hold of the other girls head, gently pushing her a bit deeper over me. "Turn around" you say, gesturing me to lean against the desk backwards. Slowly we turn around, my dick never leaving the girls mouth, until I'm in the position you want me in. The girl seems to like this position better too, as she really starts to get into me, sucking my cock in deeper and faster as she cups my balls and gently rubs them. I look at you and notice that you have taken a digital camera from your purse. The most erotic thoughts buzz through my mind, as you show the camera to the girl to see if she would mind. My cock still in her mouth, she shakes her head "No" . I'm grabbing hold of the desk, her head shaking my cock around is so delicious.
You take some pictures, of her sucking down my cock, her hungry eyes as she eats me and me in total extasy. You walk up to me and start kissing me pssionately, while you take some pictures of us.
I tell her I am about to cum too, and if she would take some pictures of the cum dripping down the girls chin. Eagerly you agree, as you step back and keep the camera ready. I feel my body tensing up, as the girl is sucking all the juice from my dick. I'm cumming so hard and so much, that it does indeed start dripping down her chin. I see a couple of flashes, making me smile even more.
After she's sucked me dry, I pull her up and lick her face clean, giving her a long kiss.
I get decent again, seeing you pull your skirt down again and putting the camera away, as I zip up. The other girl asks us if she can come with us, to which we both agree, as we walk out of the classroom, with a big smile on all our faces.

GoddessOfTheDawn 105F
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4/26/2005 11:32 pm

~ can imagine those smiles ~

MsFireCracker2 32F

4/26/2005 11:51 pm

Fluffy, Your a bad man, which i like very much. I love the way that your mind works.... x x x x x

sportsfan362436 47F

5/4/2005 2:26 am

Mmmmm, Fluffy.... sounds as tho you all passed the 'exam' with flying colors!.... *s*

heidiholland 34F

5/19/2005 1:04 am

fluff...mmmm...if i didnt know any better, i would bet this story was about me

rm_FluffManiac 41M

5/19/2005 4:56 am

heidiholland .... well if you were referring to the disco story ... you would be correct

Jerosd 47M

7/14/2005 2:15 am

<---wants to do his exams over.....

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