Well, folks, you *see* how long it's been....  

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7/26/2005 10:24 pm

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Well, folks, you *see* how long it's been....

....since I actually have been able to check in here. I've gotten a lot of very upset mails, both here and in my regular mailbox. "Where are you? How come you're not talking to me?"

Well, here's the reason I'm not talking to you - I am now on a six-day schedule until "God knows when", as my boss put it. If there's any sex for me to be had right now, you'll have to crawl under my encoder and go to work while I'm sitting in my chair, because that's the only way I'm going to get any sex *any* time soon. Bleargh. You would think that a bank would be a great place to work, right? It is - most definitely, the perks are outrageously good and I've done a hell of a lot worse for the money I'm making. (I've done a lot worse for LESS money than I'm making now, for all of that.) These hours simply don't coincide with "normal peoples'" hours. Well, fuck - who wants to be normal? =)

In any case, you all will have to bear with me. I'm lucky that I'm checking in on the blog itself, for now.

The compensation, at least, is incredible.

Hang in there, folks. It's *got* to get better.

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