Warning: This post might be offensive, as usual, so if you  

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7/6/2005 11:29 pm

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Warning: This post might be offensive, as usual, so if you

I lived in the deep South for the last six years, up until April of 2005, and I hated living there for several reasons, one of which was that everyone seemed “the same”. Same attitudes, same ways of thinking, same dress, same topics of conversation, everyone knew everyone, and you couldn’t do a thing without everyone knowing your business. (Ay-Eff-Eff would have been very dangerous there. But I digress.)

These days, I am living in Baltimore, a very large, and very urban, Northeastern city. As such, I am exposed every day to different cultures, ethnicities, races, ways of thinking and personalities ‒ and that’s just the way I like it. Life is nothing without a little variety, I say.

But, there >is< one thing that I really do seem to have a problem with ‒ now, you can call me “racist” or whatever it is, but I dislike this >very< much ‒ and that’s when a Caucasian male attempts to be “cool” and “hip” by thinking he’s “from the streets”. You know what I’m getting at?

This is going to probably make a >lot< of people very angry ‒ but this is my experience growing up here in Baltimore. If you are Caucasian, and you grew up in Dundalk, Owings Mills, Towson or similar ‒ you are NOT from “the streets”. Please don’t walk around trying to prove that you’re “hip” and “with it” to look fashionable, because it’s obvious that you wouldn’t know tough if it slid down your leg. If you grew up in a housing project in the middle of Baltimore City, you’ve got a hell of a lot better chance of knowing what the word’s about. Trust me on this.

See, you’ve got Eminem ‒ who, despite the fact that he’s white, >is< tougher than nails and has the background to prove it - it’s so obvious that the media influences a lot of these suburban kids ‒ and in Maryland, let’s face it ‒ most of them are Caucasian. However, I don’t suspect that little Susie and Johnny up the road in Parkville has quite the same background as Mr. Mathers.

Seriously. If you grew up in Murphy Homes or the Flaghouse Projects where they had snipers up on the roofs, then, yes ‒ I’m going to think you >are< tough and that you >are< from “the streets”. If you’re Caucasian and you lived there, I’ll give you a frigging medal for making it out alive. But if you’ve spent the last 25 years of your life in a white middle-class neighborhood in Dundalk, I’m going to think you’re full of shit. End of story.

rm_GottaDoItNow 52M
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7/7/2005 1:48 am

I have to agree. I grew up in Towson, a LONG time ago, and had no REAL idea of anything that happened in the city. Of course back then "street" wasn't even a word used to describe what you're talking about. Since then I've lived in various areas, including living/working in and around LA....Compton, Watts, E. LA....and I've learned all about "street" to the point that I knew a lot of people, street or otherwise, in these neighborhoods and could go around even at night in relative safety. However knowing and BEING are 2 very different things and even after several years of living/working in the thick of it, I'm still as far from "street" as brussels sprouts are dessert.

I don't really see any reason for anyone to take offense to your question, unless they are exactly what it is you're asking about, although I too mean no offense to anyone.

wyvernrose 38F
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7/7/2005 2:01 am

majority of people are full of shit anyway in one way or another,

people should spend less time posing on a whole....


hourglasses 47F

7/7/2005 6:05 am

I don't think anyone's going to be offended by that. I see the same thing here (I live in the suburbs of Detroit). Its just annoying to see people act so fake.

On a side note, I know this guy who's even older than me who idolizes Eminem so much that he's snuck into that trailer park on 8 mile to take pictures. And this guy is a middle aged white computer programmer. So its sort of ridiculous to see him talking a certain way.

guynamedjim 58M
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7/7/2005 7:17 am

hahaha...GREAT posting response Wyvernrose. You nailed it!

rm_jayR63 59F
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7/7/2005 7:17 am

Does this phenomenon not occur in the South? If so, I may have to move.

You forgot to say "And for godsakes Pull up your damned pants!"

One of these day, I swear. I'm not going to be able to resist the temptation to "pants"one of these guys.

Masseur_0 41M

7/23/2005 4:38 pm

nice post, if anyone is to get offended then they are the ones you are actually talking about...no sweat. I have to agree, but I think it's a media-culture. I think white boys and girls who try to be "street" when they are not are dumb. Seriousley dumb...like dim-witted, because they can't make it as themselves, they look to be what everyone else admires or thinks is edgy or whatever.
Now if you live in the city and are surounded by street then yes it's gonna rub off on you, but, as you say, if yer from Towson or Essex or whatever white suburb you wanna list yer posin'..."standin' in line to be the next bad guy".....whatever....
But I can't complain too much, I like to talk like Snoop and holler at my bitches whenever I gets the chance. Fo 'real!!!

hehe, take Care

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