So I got to thinking about this in bed tonight.  

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6/9/2006 2:55 am

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So I got to thinking about this in bed tonight.

I couldn't sleep for shit last night - because of my ongoing problem with, what else, my horniness. So my mind's wandering and I got to thinking about an incident that happened when I was a mere 18 years old... I was seeing this guy out in Gamber (that's in Carroll County, for you folk who have zero idea of where these little pissy towns are), and he was pretty... well, wild was the word for it. (I was at 18, too.)

Anyway, he comes and picks me up in his car, and I'm thinking we're going to do the dinner/movie bit. Not so. He gets going down Charles Street, and pulls out the biggest vibrator I'd ever seen (about 9" or so - this was at the time). Then he looks at me with all the innocence of a schoolboy and he says, "I want you to put this inside yourself."


"Yes. Right now. This second. Or you'll be spanked when we get there."

So I pulled up my skirt, and I put the vibrator inside of me, but then he does something weird - he brushes my hands away, and tells me to wrap my arms behind the seat. Then he pulls up my skirt - in the car - and he's just driving on down Interstate 83 like nothing's wrong.

I'm in total shock. I'm *naked* from the waist down, for God's sake, riding along I-83 where everyone can see me with a vibrator sticking out of me! So I'm trying to sit up, but he's not having any of that. "Lay into the seat. And don't move, or I'll tie your hands together so you can't move." Then he reaches over and turns the vibrator up. Spasms are racking me, at this point... I know damn well that guy in the semi was staring at me (it didn't help that he gave my friend a thumbs-up, either!). He's driving along with one hand on the wheel, one hand on the vibrator, adjusting it as if it were a power tool. (Which I guess, in a way, it was.) Every now and then, he'd request in the softest, silkiest voice, for me to spread my legs wider.

By this time, I am majorly, majorly turned on. I'm starting to not even care where I am. That vibrator, that hand occasionally pinching my clit, is enough to make me totally forget everything.

Of course, that's not the end of the story - we eventually got to his house and had insane sex pretty much all night long - but it's the important part of it. It's not that I had a vibrator up inside of me, because I just did the same thing not even a couple of hours ago. It's not even the voyeurism (that in truth was embarrassing to me, but exciting too).

What excited me beyond belief was that here was a guy that wanted me so badly, that he was willing to take a risk (several risks, really) to get me to want him. I couldn't believe that he'd had the balls to do what he did - but at the same time, he got me so freaking hot that in the end I would have done anything to satisfy him. (And later on, I did... teehee... but that's another story.)

(sigh) I just don't meet men (or women, either, for that matter) like this anymore. Someone who's willing to bust a few "rules" in order to create a mind-blowing experience. Someone who is sexually skillful enough to somehow know exactly what will get me hot, and even if they didn't know, experimenting until they did. Do they still exist, and for the love of Gawd, where do I find them?

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