Rants about religion. (If you're religious, back out now, this won't be complimentary.)  

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6/26/2005 11:15 pm

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Rants about religion. (If you're religious, back out now, this won't be complimentary.)

I was raised as a Catholic, and therefore am familiar with all of the elaborate trappings of the Church - the rituals, the self-punishments, the incessant kneeling, the wafer on the tongue that tastes slightly of sandpaper, you know the drill. Well, I got into a big argument with a friend of mine today about "why I don't go to church anymore". (This being Sunday and all, for some reason this comes up *every* Sunday with this person. I've asked them to cut it out repeatedly, but for some reason they never do. One of these days I'm going to shove a crucifix down their throat and end the whole matter. Heh.)

So the usual argument begins. "Why don't you go to church anymore? Don't you believe in God? Don't you believe that he's everywhere, whineblabbermoan?" I look at my friend and say in a nice, calm, even voice, "Why are you attempting to shove your beliefs down my throat? I don't do this to you, kindly cease with the preaching, okay?"

Blessed silence (no pun intended). Then, five minutes later, "I bet the parish could really use you..." etc., etc. Meh!

Is it too much to ask that people respect one another's personal beliefs? Me, personally, I'm a questioner. It *says* atheist on my profile, but that's not exactly right. I question spiritual existence at the present time. I believe that there *is* a spirit force guiding people out there - now whether you want to call it "God" or "Buddha" or "Satan" or "Hubert Q. Motherfucker" is up to one's personal tastes. I haven't figured it out for myself yet, and I think that people hone in on that. They sense that I'm questioning spiritual matters, and they try their little conversions on me. Sorry, won't work. I'm strong minded enough to know that whatever it is I find, I'm going to find on my own.

Grrr. I know I'm in a pissy mood, but it's no wonder, after listening to 2 hours of attempted Catholic conversion. Sheesh, if I was raised Catholic but then I'm not anymore, I must have left the Church at one point, right? Which means that I find that particular religion fundamentally *flawed*, right?

Some people just don't *get* it!

playfulwithyou33 56F
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6/27/2005 1:16 am

My particular favorite is the part where if the "christians" don't come along and "save" the little heathens of third world countries they would have died and went to heaven--cuz they didn't know better; but THANKFULLY they interfere and then put the heathens very souls at risk--being now that they can "fail" at getting to heaven. Hmm, kinda like baptising a baby...if you left the little darlin alone and he passes, then he would have made it into heaven cuz he didn't KNOW BETTER. Gee, lets see what other wonderful things we can share with unwittings souls.

MILFGoddess 44F

6/27/2005 2:39 am


GO ON GIRL--PREACH! (Heh--no pun intended!)

My theory is if you want an argument, there are 3 things you can talk about: RELIGION, POLITICS and PARENTING!

I am very much with you on this topic. I mean 2 people of the same denomination will NOT agree on all the same aspects. It's pointless to argue. I say to each his own and THAT is one of the BEAUTIFUL things about this country--and so is the right for ME not to HAVE TO listen to what Betty Bible Thumper has to say. End of story.

I say you and Hubert Q. Motherfucker go ahead with the crucifix down the throat. That'll show 'em!

rm_kaaia 53F
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6/27/2005 5:45 am

This is a very complex, but simple issue. That comment contradicts itself and for good reason. There was a time in my life when I questioned and even defied that there was a God. It was at the dinner table that I made the comment that I no longer wanted to go to church because I no longer believed there was a God. I found myself picking myself up off the floor before I knew what happened. It was forced on me and I rebelled. A little later in life, I read many books on several religions, trying to figure out, searching for some answers. It seems that when one says they are a christian that each and everything that they do is questioned. They are under the microscope. We are not a perfect people no matter how religious we claim to be. I have come to believe that the answers are right in front of us. From all the reading I have done, I have come up with this as my understanding and it is not deep. It is rather simple and a lot of it is parallel to the buddist belief in a humanitarian approach. Bringing out the good in yourself, respecting life and being genuinely kind to other human beings. Is not the Bible written on good deeds, honesty, forgiveness. I believe that as we go through life we encounter many trying situations and as long as our hearts are always in the right place and we make unselfish choices that cause no harm to others we are not going to burn in hell as some religions try to shove down our throats. I think your friend may feel that you are hurting or being self destructive in some form and doesn't know how to help. She must obviously care about you to want to help. This may be the only way she knows how to do that. Don't be too hard on her. She may have found her spiritual peace in her religion and wants to share it with you. Her intentions are good ones.

rm_topgun458 70M
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6/27/2005 6:23 am

I know the feeling exactly! Have you started your search within yet?

Your experiental answer lies within your being! When you go deep enough
with-in your Heart you will discover the Living Flame blazing forth?
The Church talks about it, but it takes great courage and sincerety to
actually surrender to this LIVING PRESENCE OF FIRE.
If you would permit me to be so bold as to offer a few helpful Hints!
Purify your self by (1) drink plenty of distilled water with minerals
(2) eat an abundance of healthy vegatbles,fruits
(3)meditate and pray for the Truth to be reavealed to you. (4)Develop a willingness to expierence a more
Abundant Life!
If you do this for 90 days, I promise you a
more fulfilling ride than even the best sex.
I am a nutritionist with THE DIAMOND HEART CLINIC,trust your-
self on this Sacred Adventure!Put that feminine intuition
in action.It will cause you to be Victorous.

Masseur_0 41M

7/23/2005 4:58 pm

Reminds me of my friend Mike. He was in a death metal band then got all religious when he was in jail, ditched his banad and wouldn't go down on his girlfriend anymore....Last I heard he was in some psych ward in Michigan for trying to beat two junior high girls with his biblical masculinity...Yes, Jesus saves....He just leaves the rest of the numskulls here to torment us....
"Blessed be the cheesemakers..."

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