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6/30/2005 10:51 pm

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To all of you men out there who have been ignored time and time again when you respond to a profile, I can only offer sympathy. I'm currently experiencing the same exact thing. You wouldn't think that a *female* would have trouble getting someone to respond, right? Wrong... heh.

Saw a profile that *really* had me going. Wrote excitedly, sent a request for them to do the network thing and all. A response comes back - yay, network time... but no Email. Thought, "Okay, no sweat, he just probably didn't have time to respond, he'll get back to me..."
Six days later I see him *online* and I wait for him to get back to me.... hrrrrm.

I'm not all that upset that this person doesn't appear to be interested in me - as far as I'm concerned, his loss. Boy, is it *ever* his loss. I'm actually a bit more concerned over the fact that I took time to write out what I considered a well-thought-out, intelligent, erudite Email, and it sits ignored in his mailbox. Or even worse, deleted, unread, no reply forthcoming. It is *very, very rare* that I write mail to members here. I think I've written maybe *three* people on this service since I started here, even while I was "standard". If I take the first step and write someone *myself*, you can better *believe* that I'm interested and that I want something to happen.

This is why I *always* send a response back to people, even when I'm not interested or I don't think things will work out. As bad as that "quick reply" is, it's better than none at all.

So, guys.... tonight I *do* see your side of the fence on this issue. I empathize. Seriously.

Masseur_0 41M

7/23/2005 4:44 pm

yea, anyone who sends an "erudite Email" deserves a least they should ask "what does erudite mean?"
As Muhammed Ali would probably respond "if it means pretty than I'm it !"

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