Anatomy of a first encounter.  

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7/18/2005 1:06 am

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Anatomy of a first encounter.

Okay, I know that I promised that I would write about my, umm, first experience here, and so I will. Unfortunately, as I'm sure you bright folks have gathered, it turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. There really isn't any one reason or thing that I could pin this feeling on, but multiple reasons. Basically a lot of things were done wrong on both my part and his part, so that was unfortunate.

First of all: if there's anything to be learned from this experience, it's this: I will never, ever, ever, *ever* depend on my partner to bring the birth control ever again. I guess I just assumed that he had it. Not so. No way. From now on I'm bringing everything I need, and then some. That was a *major* mood killer right there, and I think for both of us. Ech. *sigh* My stupidity, I guess.

Second: I think that my next experience, I'm simply going to have to insist that it not be so... I guess "animalistic" is the only word that I can come up with. It's fine that you want to fuck me. I want to fuck you, most definitely. But let's at *least* have some semblance of a friendship there, okay? It was very uncomfortable, to be quite honest. I'm not looking for any romantic entanglements - but one thing that I *love* to do is kiss. And cuddle. I don't get that, I'm not going to be a happy sex partner, no matter how temporary it might be. And I'll be perfectly honest - it wasn't there. Not at all. I also felt *very* rushed. When I tried to take things slowly, lick his nipples a little bit, maybe suck his neck some.... he just pushed my hands down to his cock, almost immediately. That didn't bode well, in my eyes. I like to take my time. I like to show off my skills, to show off what I'm about. What I know and what I've learned. I didn't get that opportunity and I'll admit it - that displeased me greatly.

Third: If you're too tired to see me - just say so. I won't be hurt or upset. I have a night job. I get out of work very late. I was *very* upfront about this in my profile, and I do not keep the hours that most people do. If it's 2am and you don't feel that you can see me, don't tell me that I can come over. Please. It's only going to make things uncomfortable for both of us. Falling asleep in the middle of sex is not a good thing, no matter how you slice it.

I also don't feel that he was too honest about his approval of my physical looks, either, but that's neither here or there - as I stated, if someone dislikes the way I look, their loss. Is it *ever* their loss.

All in all, unfortunately, my first experience was not too memorable. I won't say that the blame rests all on one person - it doesn't - I just don't think it was as good of a fit as I had originally thought it would be. C'est la vie, on to the next opportunity. I wish him no ill, only good luck. We're just not right for each other. And I think he knows that too, as neither of us has tried to contact the other. *shrug*

Just as well.

Hope everyone's week has been good. Here we go with Monday again. =) Up and onward. *smile*

Masseur_0 41M

7/23/2005 4:22 pm

sorry for your disenchanting encounter...Let me get this straight first...You went to HIS place, yes? And he didn't have birth control?...Shameful, sorry 'bout 'dat. Yea, it's always the woman's responsability for the BC (it's in the Bible, I think it's in Numbers...Look it up)...
I feel for you. Some folks don't get the luxury of having female callers in the middle of the night...What a waste....
OK...hope the next encounter is better...
take Care

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