A few things on my mind about folks that write me.  

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6/28/2005 10:52 pm

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5/9/2007 3:42 pm

A few things on my mind about folks that write me.

I am more than pleased at the overwhelming interest that my profile has apparently attracted - as well as *overwhelmed*, to be quite honest. I honestly didn't count on getting any kind of a response from this service, and here I am wading through mail after mail. Whooo!

There are a couple of things that are on my mind, though, concerning the types of responses that I've been getting. Perhaps this little "checklist" will help you stand out, if you intend to write me.

1. People giving me personal information right off the bat, without even talking at length to me. "Hi, my name is XXXX, call me at XXXX." You don't even *know* my real name. I could be anybody calling you up on the phone. "Hi, this is Joe Q. Blow from Blah-de-Blah Bank, I'm calling because we have a problem with your account, would you mind confirming some information for me, please?" Next thing you know - bam. Your credit card's got six million dollars' worth of charges on it and you don't know where it came from.

This isn't to say that I'd *do* that to you. But you know, people, I work in the banking business. I *see* what goes on every day with I.D. theft and being too free with your personal information. Please, please, please, PLEASE use some discretion. Please don't think, "Hey, it's just a phone number, what's the harm?" Even if it's a cell phone - you *still* don't know who's on the other side of the line. I could be in the banking business. I could be a phone company rep. I could be a law enforcement officer. These are all very sensitive occupations - and ones that, with some simple research, turn up all *kinds* of a dossier on you. So *please* be careful. I beg of you.

2. Desperation is *not* attractive. I understand that we're all here in one form or another to have some "fun" - to get sex, if you want to be perfectly blunt about it. That's fine - and yes, I do certainly understand frustration, more than people know. However, it's not going to impress me if the only image I get when I read your mail is that of a guy standing in a doorway with his pants down around his ankles and his cock wobbling in the breeze, grunting, "Yuh wanna???" If anything, that's going to make me laugh my freaking head off, and *not* in a humorous way - more of a sarcastic, "Oh, gah, I don't *think* so" kind of way. Do attempt *some* interest in getting to know me before we get down to basics, okay? There's three words in this: adult, finder, and the most important one of all - *friend*. Got me?

3. Please read my profile carefully. I think that I was *very* specific in what I was looking for. When I say that I want "local relationships", that's exactly what I mean. I use Baltimore's public transportation system - which means the MTA. Now, I will state this clearly, on a line of its own, so that everyone can see it. Are you ready for it? Here it comes.

*If the MTA does not go to your apartment, house, public meeting place or wherever you want to meet me, I cannot get to you - and therefore, you are not local to me.*

Yes, that's right - you lovely folks that have been writing me from places like Odenton, Severn, Westminster, Upper Marlboro, Columbia, PG County, Frederick, Bel Air - as much as I hate to say it, you are *not local to me*. With a car, yes, I would be. But again - I ride the MTA. If the MTA does not go to you, I cannot.

I will state this plainly - I do not and WILL NOT get into other peoples' cars in order to meet up somewhere. This is a personal safety rule, and a damned good one. Please don't write me and state that you are the exception, because *my safety is no exception*.

Sorry if I sound harsh, people. I did and *do* appreciate all the responses. But I feel a need to lay things out on the line, because I'm getting a *lot* of mail that I simply shouldn't be, if people would just read the profile. I think that I was pretty clear - but if I wasn't, someone let me know, okay? =)

I look forward to making a lot of friends on this service (yes, there's that word again, friends), so far the responses have been for the most part very flattering.

Until next time. Think I'm gonna go look at some porn now.

<By the way. I've apparently offended *again*, so I've removed the photograph that was accompanying this post. Some people have *zero* sense of humor, I tell you.... unreal. So sorry if I've destroyed you by posting a picture.... you may now return to your dreamworld. Sheeeezus. I've also removed your sarky little comment, too, so don't bother responding.>

rm_redhandleoo7 58M
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6/30/2005 8:48 pm

well I guess I'll Talk to you in puplic then. But seriously I ride the bus also, [migraines got so bad I couldn't drive] and it sucks.. but can catch the 5 or 35[ haven't seen the new schedules/routes ] glad to see you are getting responses and are dealing with them, and yes there are jerks in the world. I knew some of them in high school and they haven't grown up.. AS for reading your profile, some of us [me2] don't pay for upgraded memberships and can't see the complete profile.[sorry] still waiting to see if it would be worth it. good luck and the best for u

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