So I may have a fallen metatarsal...  

rm_Fawnd1e 38F
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8/22/2006 7:54 pm

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8/31/2006 10:16 pm

So I may have a fallen metatarsal...

...or something of the like, because the interior of the arch of my foot hurts. Especially if I am walking around barefoot. I seem to feel better if I am wearing tennis shoes, and sometimes heels.

So whilest I nurse a sore foot arch, I've been installing horse fencing, and I am very pleased to say 2 of my 3 turnouts are now completed, and my horses are happy to be outside. Though they're getting tired of being left out all the time, I think they miss their stalls!

So that's just a little update on me! Hope everybody else is doing well

Passion247000 46F
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8/22/2006 9:51 pm

you might want to get one of those arch support thingy..... horses are like babies, right? ...they need alot of care.... glad to know someone to taking good care of their horses.... My neighbor has a couple of horses and they seldom care for them...... horses sure are pretty to look at, though....

rm_Fawnd1e 38F
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8/22/2006 10:35 pm

I'm sorry to hear your neighbor isn't taking care of their horses. I am sure my neighbors didn't think much of me before I got my turnouts completed...I had to completely tear up my property and replant and then fence, so my horses had little turnout time until my fences were done.

My arch soreness is improving and should recover on it's own. My husband had this happen once before (a fallen metatarsal), and it took care of itself over two weeks. Advil seems to help

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