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11/24/2005 4:46 pm

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So, who out there has a fear that they have to get over?

Mine is driving. I hate it, I avoid it at all costs, frankly, it scares me. We work at a automotive dealership and this can sometimes come in handy, for example today. We live about an hour north of the city in which we work. The driving conditions were trecherous at best with snow packed, icy, drifting roads with very poor to nil visibility. We have a Taurus, by all means not a small car, but not the best with drifting roads, so we took home a 4x4 truck. Now, here's where the "disagreement" took place. This truck is just a tiny bit bigger than my car. My husband decided he wanted McDonalds for supper, but he did not want to go get it. He wanted me to go.

So here's my problem...not only do I hate to drive to begin with, we have a 45,000 truck that isn't ours, on icy roads and when I say to him that I am not going, that I am not comfortable driving something that is that expensive, that isn't mine, that is that big on these roads...he pitches a fit. It is not like there isn't any food in the house, or that I didn't offer to make him something. McDonald's isn't a necessity. If he was so hell bent on having it, go get it yourself. I even gave him money to get it, but that wasn't good enough. And to think, he may have even gotten lucky tonight...I was watching him work on finishing our rec room...I love it when he works with all those power tools and builds up a really turns me on...too bad for him I guess...his loss.

So, everyone, tell me, what is wrong with me. Why can't I conquer this fear? Anyone have any suggestions...

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11/27/2005 9:36 am

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. Nothing at all. Some people just don't like the thought of driving on roads where the conditions are bad. I know I don't.

I remember that when we lived in Nashville, I refused to drive for the longest time because I didn't like all of the TRAFFIC. I remember driving once there and some guy nearly caused me to flip over because he wanted into my lane when there was no space for him...just my car about to collide with his back bumper. After that...I didn't want any part of driving on Nashville streets because compared to the small town I am from, there were more people and they drived like idiots.

SO...there is nothing wrong with you, and if you don't want to drive...I say...don't. Driving is a priviledge...not a must.
If you do want to get over the fear...I suggest going to a country road with an older vehicle...maybe having someone with full coverage let you drive their clunker....and start practicing on these old roads. This will build up your confindence.


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