"Cake And Eat It Too"  

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10/26/2005 8:04 am

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"Cake And Eat It Too"

I want to share a story about my first threesome...
First off let me say that I was born Bisexual,from the age of 7yrs old I have been attracted to females and now that I'm 26 nothing about my feelings towards females have changed, I'm still attracted to them,so therefore I believe that you can be born with a specific sexual ora that just enhances as you get mature.
Whether your gay, bisexual ,etc.
Now when I met "E" I was in a relationship with a stud female,I was 18yrs at this time,this was my first relationship with a female,my life was on a slow beng.I was in the house all day everyday.
By this being my first gay relationship I did't do any sexual things to her because I was kind of ashamed and did't want anyone to know because back then this lifestyle was not openly talked about like it is today.
The only thing I actually did to her was the usual kissing,touching,grinding,because I did know how to cum by grining which like I said knew how to do since I was 7.The only difference this time is I got full orgasms instead of stimulations.
This female ,who I'll call "Joe",like I said was a full blown dike,she did not mess with men period,and she expected me to be the same way.But I've always known that I loved men & liked women.So this is something that I could'nt do.So we cooled it down a bit.
After some time Joe started renting a room out of my cousin babies daddy house.This is where I met "E" my cousins baby momma brother!.
At first I was going down there to see Joe but something just drew me to "E".It's like love at first sight,I knew he would be mine!,for how long? I that didn't know.
It started off by us just smokin' and chillin'.Then it progressed to sex on the weekends.Joe started getting jealous,tring to fight me and start untrue rumors.She did this because she realized that she could'nt change my sexual desires,I wanted him, even though I still wanted her to lick the shit out of my pussy and make me cum.
So she moved out of their house and out the picture.All of this happend 8yrs ago and I'm glad it did because I would have never met "E" on the level I did when I was experimenting with women.
Because I would'nt be having my cake and eatting it too,he knew me,he knew what I wanted and I'm not ashamed to say it but he wanted it too,and I didn't mind giving it to him.
We both wanted the same things on a sexual level and everything else had already clicked.He is the only person that showed me that I can be me and still have someone to love me.And I showed him that he could play with the toys but put them back when he's finished or they'll cause a mess.
And thats how I get to have "MY CAKE AND EAT IT TOO!!!!!!For 8 yrs we've been eatting our cake.

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5/24/2006 8:03 pm


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