wake up  

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5/13/2006 5:05 am

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wake up

I woke up and looked at my lover,he was still sound asleep.I studied his body,his broad hary chest,firm tummy,and lower his long smooth cock.His cock was hard,I looked at his face to make syre he was still asleep,and reached over and caressed his cock,it jumped in my hand,moisture soaked my pussy in anticipation of having that cock in me.Stil playing with his cock I started playing with my clit,getting my pussy good and ready for what I was about to do.I quietly mounted him and gently inserted his cock into my pussy,trying not to wake him yet.I slowly lowered my self until,his cock was all the way in me.I rocked back and forth squeesing his cock with my pussy muscles,it felt soo good brushing my pussy walls.I leaned forward and let my hair fall on either side of his face, moving faster,the urgency taking over I groundmy pussy onto his cock and moaned will pleasure.My lovers eyes popped open and his hands settled on my hips,moving them faster. I couldn't help myself and I began to cum,I rode him wildly,telling him to fuck me harder. his cock spasmed inme and he came with a shout,I collapsed on him ,my pssy muscles still milking his cock" Now that was a wakeup call" he said.I laughed and said "Better than coffee"

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5/14/2006 8:50 pm

I'll say that is better then coffee! I would love to wake up like that more often. Great story girl see you around the blogs JD

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