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He walked up behind me in the bar and whispered in my ear"Are u wearing any underwear?" I just looked up at him and smiled with a twinkle in my eye.He sat across from me and ordered a drink.I could feel his hand on my knee,and I shifted away,looked at him and shook my head. He moved and sat beside me,trapping mne in a corner, his hand on my thigh,holding me in place. His fingers worked their way up my leg and soon found my pussy. He massaged my clit,making my breath come in short gasps,automatically I pushed my now wet pussy onto his hand. With his thumb on my clit ,two of his fingers entered my pussy,massaging my G-spot.I melted onto his hand,trying to keep my face expressionaless. Before I lost control,I pushed his hand away and excused my self to go outside. My legs shakey I walked outside,and lit a smoke. suddenly he was behind me,my skirt was pushed up and he plunged his cock into me up to the hilt,I moaned and leaned against the building for support. He rammed in and out of me and groaned as he came soaking my pussy and thighs with his cum.I moved awayas my fingers went down to my pussy ,rubbing my clit til I exploded. I leaned against the building,catching my breath,and smiled. "Thanks" I said"You can go now"

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Would you like to meet at a bar? lol

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