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4/24/2006 5:03 am

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The three of us enter the hotel room,my lover ,myself, and the other. My stomach tingling with nerves and excitement ,I began to remove my clothes,both of their hands reached out to help me. first my lover kissed me and then the other ,I gave a start at an unfamiliar mouth on mine,but then returned the kiss ,snaking my tongue into his. I first undid my lovers pants and then the others as well,getting down on my knees I first took one cock into my mouth then turned and took the other sucking them both til rock hard. My lovers hands lifted me up and the other helped ,placing me on the bed, I felt their hands every where caressing, pinching, kneading. My lover kissed me a deep ,hard kiss, I felt the others mouth on my pussy,his tongue flicking at my clit. I returned my lovers kiss and pushed my pussy up into the others mouth,moaning softly . I could feel my pussy getting hotter and hotter and I knew the time had come. I sat up and pushed my lover onto his back and mounted him ,motioning the other behind me. As my pussy engulfed my lovers cock I felt the others hard cock probing at my ass,I still ed movement giving the other the opporatunity to enter my ass. When the other was fully lodged in my ass ,I started to ride my lovers cock,the other pumping at my ass in perfect rhythem with me. I felt so full with both cocks on me at one ,I was panting woth passion, my clit tingling . I held onto my lover for dear life as I felt myself being swept away by orgasim after orgasim.They both were plunging in and out of me hard,I was cumming and cumming. I felt my lover gush his cum innto me ,then the other groaned and came in my ass. We all colaapsed a tange of arm ,legs and sweaty torsos.

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4/24/2006 5:34 am


Sounds absolutely FANTASTIC!!

I have long fantasized about such an experience... thank you for sharing!

rm_biggun226 49M

4/25/2006 5:27 am

fm you are the master of the erotic blog true true true

rm_lone_wolf108 48M

4/25/2006 11:07 am

well well well you finally got 2 cocks in ya at once good for you hun..go girl go

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