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6/13/2006 7:47 am

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I walked up behind him putting my hands in his pockets and rubbed his cock between my hands,saying"Guess who?" at the same time. He went to grab my hands and I danced out of his reach,running my hands down my body at the same time,and sticking my tongue out. We walked into the hotel ,going directly to the room,as we walked in the door I moved out of his reach.After turning the radio,I walked over to the only chair in the room,sitting down,I hiked up my skirt and started running my fingers up and down my freshly shaved pussy.He moved towards me and I shook my head,motioning him to the bed with my free hand.He moved to the bed undressing as he went,I watched his hard cock bounce as he laid down,my pussy getting wet.My fingers found,my clit rubbing ,as I spread my legs so,he could see my wet folds. I stood up, walking towards the bed, I bent down in front of him,spreading my ass cheeks.so he could have a full veiw. His hand came down my ass,hard,I gasped and tried to move out of his reach. His hands came around my waist and he pulled me onto his lap,and he started spanking me,turning my ass a bright red.I whimpered and tried to get away,he stopped spanking and rubbed my ass soothing it. He rolled me onto my back,and started fingering my sopping pussy,putting one then all his fingers in me.My hips moved,my pussy fucking his hand,taking it in further and further. I moved my hand down to play with my clit,he grabbed it and my other hand holding them both above my head,with his free hand as he fucked my pussy with the other. I moaned and moved my hips in time with his hand,trying to free my hands knowing if I coould touch myself,I would cum. He removed his hand from my pussyand rolled me onto my tummy lifting me to my knees, His cock probed at my pussy wetting itself,then moved to my ass,plunging into my ass til his cock was buried inside me. I moved my ass ,feeling his cock fill my ass again and again. My fingers finally found my clit and I exploded screaming into the pillow,as he let out a shout and filled my ass with his cum.

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6/13/2006 8:33 am

FM.....remind me to stop back by next week when I'm allowed to have sex again and re-read this!

knightshadow01 44M

6/13/2006 9:26 am

Ummm.... Real?!? If not I like your imagination ALOT!!!!!

PappiMoresGable 64M

6/13/2006 9:48 am

It sounds true, for both of you I hope it is true.

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