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5/17/2006 10:25 am

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I knocked on the hotel room door not know what I would find on the otherside,my lover had promised me a surprise.My lover answered the door kissed me and led me into the room,I stoped in my tracks when I saw two other men waiting for me. My lovers hand tightened on mine as he pulled me further into the room. Suddenly I was surrounded by men, all removing my clothing.Their hands were everywhere,my clothing dissappear and I felt lips on both my breasts,I acrhed my back and held rtheir heads in place,moaning at the sensation.My lover was on his knees before me,his tongue lapping at my pussy,I felt my own juices run down my leg as he inserted his fingers into me. My legs began to tremble,and I was laid down on the bed,there were hands and lips all over me. I reached down and grabbed the closest cock ,pulling it towards my mouth,I greedily took the cock all the way into my mouth and down my throat.I moved onto my hands and knees to get and give better access to all of me.My lover moved under me so I could mount him.I lowered my hot pussy onto his cock moaning in my throat with my lips still wrapped aroung a cock. I felt something cold trickle down my ass and felt a cock.probe at its opening.My lover was plunging his cock in and out of my pussy,as the man behind me pushed his cock all the way into my ass,I was soo full.The man who was fucking my mouth with his cock groaned and rammed his cock all the way down my throat his cum hitting the back of it as he let out a shout . Both my lover and the man in my ass were pumping me in rhythem, wih the cock out of my mouth the third man reached down and was rubbing my clit..I screamed with the force of me cumming, as both my lover and the man came filling me everywhere with cum.

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5/17/2006 11:13 am

Sounds like you had fun.

Lady Bambi

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7/12/2006 7:35 am

Just reading this, and imagining that I was one of those lucky guys amde me so hard.

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