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I was reading a book when my doorbell rang,putting the book down I went to answer. There was my lover soaked to the skin,I invited him in and told him to get out of the wet clothes. As soon as he had his clothes off,I stood back and looked at his naked body.Suddenly I couldn't wait to have his cock in me,I led him to the sofa,got on my knees and took him into my mouth. His cock was cold from his wet clothes so I cupped my hands around it to warm it up. My tongue teased the tip, running over and around it,moving down the shaft and flicking at his balls. His cock hardened to my tongue and began to pulsate,I knew it was time to let it have a taste of my pussy. I pushed him back on the sofa and straddled him,positioning his cock at the lips of my pussy. I slowly moved down feeling his cock enter my pussy slowly until he was engulfed right up to the hilt.I stopped and rocked back and forth,enjoyimg the feeling of being filled with hard cock. His hips tried to thrust ,but I was anchored on his cock and wouldn't let him move. I started riding him at a slow pace enjoying the brush of his pubic hair against my clit. Sensations flooded my pussy ,making me ride him faster, the urgency of my pussy making me grind down on top of him. I moved faster riding for all I was worth, his cock moving in and out,plumbing my depths. I could feel my self begin to cum and I screamed with the pleasure ,riding his cock wildly.He shuddered underneath me ,flooding my waiting pussy with cum. I collapsed on him ,my pussy still throbbing, I looked up and noticed my curtains were open,giving the whole neighborhood a front row veiw of the action.

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true true true

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