silver bullet  

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6/16/2006 8:17 am
silver bullet

We were lying in bed naked..our hands roaming over each others bodies, my fingers were wrapped around his cock,slowly moving up and down,feeling it harden in my hand. I sat up, moved down and took him in my mouth.gliding my tongue around the tip,taking it into my throat,moving my head,so I could take him all the way into my mouth,the tip of his hard cock touching the back of my throat. His hips flexed and he moved his cock in and out of my mouth. I pulled up and moved to mount him,first grabbing my silver bullet and inserting it all the way in me..I turned it up to hi and lowered myself onto his waiting cock, hemoaned and shuddered under neath me.My moans matching his, I ground my pussy down onto his cock,feeling the vibrations moving through my pussy and my clit. I fucked his cock harder,tightening my pussy muscles,bringing him to the brink of cummning,his cock brushing against the silver bullet,he shuddered under me and groaned as he emptyed his cock into my hot pussy. I collapsed and rolled off him,pulling the silver bullet out on my and holding it to m clit,sending me off into an screaming orgasm. I turned the bullet off and laid back ,sated.

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