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We got into the shower after our usual bout in the bedroom. With the hot water cascading over our bodys we begin to wash eachother. I ask him to turn around,I rub soap all over his back ,moving in circles lower til my hands are on his ass. My soapy fingers delve in between his ass cheeks and further, cupping his balls. I juggle his balls in my fingers, carressing them as I made sure they were clean. He turned around and started washing my breasts,playing with my nipples, leaving them white with soap. He turned me around and started on my back,,down to my ass. His slippery fingers probed at the opening of my ass,I lifted my leg to give him better access. One finger slipped in all the way and I gasped,he moved the finger in and out,I bent over a little and moved with it. The finger came out and I turned and rubbed soap all over his hardening cock making it smooth and slippery in my hand.He turned me back around and I bent over with my leg back up on the side of the shower. I feel his cock at my ass ,slowly entering giving my time to adjust to his size inside me. My hand went down ,my fingers playing with my clit,as he fucked my ass with slow sure strokes. I begin to moan and push back, wanting it harder. He begin to slam into my ass,our groans even louder than the shower. I can feel myself begin to cum,his cock,hardening even more in my ass as he cums. i let go and scream into the wall.

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OHHHHH ((((((((((FM)))))))))!! what about the shower curtain bar and the hand cuffs hun!??! Now thats sounds like funnn!! babe

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