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My lover came into the room,I run to him,rip open his shirt.and begin to lick and suck on his nipples. My hands already working at his pants,I drop to my knees,take his pants down,and greedily suck his hardening cock into my mouth. I lick down the shaft,take his balls into my mouth one at a time,sucking lightly on them.My hands running up and down his thighs,I move my mouth back up to the tip of his rock hard cock,taking it into my mouth,I suck it deep into my throat. His hips moving,fucking my mouth with his cock,my pussy floods with wetness.I get up, lead him to the bed and push him down onit,crawling on top,I engulf his cock with my hot pusst,riding him hard.His hands grab my hips to try to slow me down,I take his hands in mine and hold them above his head.I grind my pussy onto his cock,tightening my pussy muscles and holding on to him. I feel myself begin to cum and ride him harder,fucking him hard. My moans fill the air as I explode,drenching him with my juices.I collapse on him as he fills my pussy with his cum.

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5/28/2006 2:16 pm

You do get in those moods some day, don't you FM? Love it!

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