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My lover and I were cruising down a deserted highway,me sitting behind him ,my arms wrapped around his waist.I moved one hand down and fonud that underneath his pants,his cock was rock hard,I moved my hand along it rubbing and tracing the outline of it.After a few minutes of me teaseing him ,he slowed the bike down and pulled over to the side of the road.Weboth got off and removed our helmet,he grabbed my face and kissed me ,his tongue invading my mouth,fingers entwined in my hair. I broke the kiss and told him ,I would be right back.I walk in a bunch of tree removed my chaps and took off my jeans underneath,then put my chaps back on.I walked back towards him with a wicked smile on my face and told him to get back on the bike. He put his helmet back on and mounted the motorcycle,I leaned over undid his jeans and removed his cock,giving it a few licks while i was at it.I got on the bike in front of him ,positioning my pussy on the tip of his cock,and took his cock all the way inside me.I leaned back on the gas tank and told him to drive,he started of slow,distracted with my pussy pummping his cock,I wrapped my legs around his wqaist ,gripping him with my thighs,my pussy tightning and moving up and down. I relaxed and began to fucking in earnest feeling the wind on my pussy and his cock as he got up to cruising speed..I moved my pussy faster and faster riding him as he fought to concetrate on the road. He finally pulled over and stopped the bike.,he withdrew from me and dragged me over to a patch of grass on the side of the road.He pushed me onto my hands and knees and plunged his cock into my wet pussy,slamming into me hard with more and more urgency.My fingers playing with my clit I was begining to cum,waves of pleasure radiating out from my pussy throughout my whole body.My whole body vibrated everytime he slammed into me,his balls hitting my ass.One last plunge and I could feel his cum trickle out of my pussy and onto my thighs. He collapsed onto my back and I collapsed on the ground,sated.

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5/10/2006 6:12 am

Fucking hell thats hot. I just got back from thailand and man... riding around on motorcycles fucking gets me horny... I tried it on with a mate, similar to your little liason... but the thai people got a little angry... finished it off at my mates bar...

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