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We met at the door of the lounge,looked at one another and decided to go straight to the hotel room. Once inside he itntertwined his hands in my braids and pulled my hair back. His mouth covering mine,tongue pushing its way past my teeth and snaking down my throat. My shirt was torn as he pulled it of my body,he pushed aside my bra and attacked my breasts with his mouth,nibbling and biting at my nipples,I arched my back moaning pushing my breasts into his mouth.I pulled his shirt off,running my nails over his back,moving up and holding his head to my nipples.I grabbed his hair and pulled his head up for another long deep kiss,my hands moving to his belt buckle,undo his pants and pushing them to the floor.I wrap my fingers around his hard cock and squeese,dropping to my knees I take his cock into m mouth,pulling it deep into my throat,my tongue rolling around the tip.His hands in my hair he starts to fuck my mouth,the tip of his cock going down my throat with every stroke. I pulled my mouth of his cock got up and moved to the bed,getting on my hands and knees,I looked over my shoulder at him and said"fuck me".He mounted me and positioned his cock at the entrance of my pussy,grabbing my hair,pulling my head back,he plunged his cock in all the way up to the hilt.I moaned as his cock hit my g-spot,and ground my ass into his hips.He started fucking me with long sure strokes,i wiggled and squirmed on his cock,my pussy muscles tightening around it.I moved my fingers down and started rubbing my clit,working it til I could feel myself begin to cum. he rammed my pussy with his cock,moving faster and faster. I screamed into the bed as I came drenching his cock and my thighs with my cum.He plunged wildly in and out of me,letting out a loud groan as he filled my tender pussy with his cum.

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Wow, Iluv your posts! How does one go about being the subject of your blog?

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damm these are good

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