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We were all alone on the golf course,noone in sight.I looked at my lover,took the cap off my water bottle and poured the water all over my body.His eyes heated up,watching my now transparent top cling to my breasts,my nipples clearly visible.I walked onto the green in front of him,bent over and picked up my ball showing him that under my skirt I was wearin no underwear.He walked up behind me and grabbed my breasts grinding his hips into my ass.I could feel his hard cock through his pant,and instantly was soaking wet,my pussy aching for his cock.He bent me over,undid his pants and plunged his cock into my waiting pussy.His cock impaled me,buried up to the hilt,filling me,I moaned and pushed back,begging for more.He rammed his cock into me,making me lose my balance, I moved away,turned around and pushed him to the ground.I mounted him,taking his hard cock into my pussy,slowly lowering my self onto him,my pussy muscles clenching and gripping his cock.I rode his cock,grinding my pussy on him,feeling the pressure buikding up in my pussy. His hands gripping my breasts,his hips pumping in rythemn with me,he moaned and shuudered.I felt mself explode,cumming hard as he emptied himself in me,my screams echoing in the air.

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I love it! Keep em cummin

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i like to golf !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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