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My lover and I glided out onto the lake in his canoe at dusk.We paddled to the middle of the lake and watched the sun go down. I laid back with a pillow underneath my head and watched the stars as we drifted along. I could feel my lovers hands at the waistband of my shorts,tugging them down and off,I lifted my hips to help,my pussy alreadt wet in anticipation.He knelt on the floor or the canoe,burying his face in my pussy. His tongue played with my clit,making me arch my back and gasp,the canoe gently rocking with every motion. His fingers invaded my pussy,probing at the entrance,entering and moving up pressing on my g-spot.I was going wild with wanting,I begged him to fuck me. He moved up to his knees and took his shorts down,guided his hard cock to my pussy,probing at my lips. I moved my hips up,my pussy engulfing his cock to the hilt,he moved slowely in and out ,the rocking of the canoe enhancig his movements. I could feel my puussy get hotter and hotter as it gripped his cock tightening then releasing ,I rocked with him ,the familiar urgency taking over my body. Waves of pleasure overtookme and I screamed into the night ,the loons answering my screams of passion. I could feel my lovers cock spam and i gently pushed him of me , leaning over and taking his pulsating cock into my mouth. He moaned as I sucked the tip into my mouth and down into my throat,my tongue worjing the tip. His cock jerked once then twice into my mouth ,sending a flood of cum down my throat,I sucked until every drop of cum was out of his cock. I let go of him leaned back breathing hard and watched the stars go by.

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lets go canoeing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Now that's a great way to watch the compliments...

NG61...fading back into the shadows...

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