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After a two hour session of hot sweaty sex,my lover and I hop into the hot tub to ease some of our sore muscles. With my braids floating on the water,I sigh and lean back,my feet resting in his thigh. I look at him and move my feet up to play with his cock,cradling it between them. His eyes flare with heat, I move my feet on his hardening cock,my eyes answering his with a twinkle. He moans softly, my pussy tingles in reaction, I sit up,move over to him and mount him,lowering myself on his hard cock,gasping as his cock enters my tender pussy. I move up and down slowly feeling the head of his cock brush the inside of my pussy. I move faster ,the water creating incredible sensations as it rises and falls on my breasts. I push down hard on his cock taking him in as far as he will go,I rock back and forth,his cock brushing my g-spot. I know I am going to cum soon and my movements become frenzied,splashing water over the side of the tub onto the floor.I explode taking him with me over the edge,both of us moaning with pleasure.

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4/22/2006 6:39 am

Nice as always true true true!

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