The Hook  

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8/18/2006 6:18 am
The Hook

We walked in the room and the first thing I noticed was a hook screwed into the ceiling.I turned and looked at my lover,he just smiled at me and busied himself with undoing my shirt,My shirt hit the floor and the rest of my clothes soon followed.His mouth covered mine in a deep long kiss,his tongue invading my mouth,I returned the kiss with vigor. He ended the kiss and put a set of velvet cuffs on my wrists,attached the cuffs to a rope and threaded the cuffs through the hook in the ceiling.My arms were pulled up,above my head,as he pulled the rope til I was almost on my tip toes. My lover walked around me as if on inspection,he then went to the table and grabbed a flogger. He ran the flogger over my body,starting with my face and moving down taking special care with my nipples,coaxing them to erection,moving down to pussy,running the floger in between my legs.Moisture soaked my pussy as pinpricks of pleasure coursed through my body,with the flogger still stroking my body,his fingers entered my pussy,pshed up and found my g-spot.I shuddered and groaned,he removed his fingers and moved around to my back. The flogger caressed my back,then came down,causing me to gasp,the sting soo turning to tingles then warmth.The flogger came down on my back and ass again and again,soon my back was a influx of sensations,moisture from my pussy was wetting my thighs,I was begging for release.My lover released the rope ,and my knees buckled as I collapsed to the floor.I heard his zipper come down as his hands pulled my hair back and he entered me from behind,his hard cock pounding into me as I came hard,spasming around his cock. He groaned and emptied himself into my pussy,pulling at my hair and causing me to come again. He pulled himself out of me,and I rolled over to my back still breathing hard,I looked at the hook in the ceiling and smiled.

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10/22/2006 7:01 am

Fantastic... this happenned to me once. I had a japanese girl friend at the time..............
My hands were tethered to a hook in the ceiling, I was naked, koo had gone out for a while to meet a friend, when she returned they were both dressed in identical red chinese mini dresses and red high heels, koo smiled, neither said a word. Mei went behind me and started kissing my neck, her hands came round to play with my nipples (I have very sensitive nipples?), I could feel her body pressed against my back, my cock began to swell, Koo came to my front and kissed me hard on the lips, she then squated down and took my stiffening cock between her lips teasing the end with her tongue and teeth, I was groaning with pleasure, she took my cock deep into her mouth, then eased back, then deep again, within seconds a huge shudder went through me and I came & came as she continued to suck, eventually I was still, she cleaned up my cock with her tongue and stood up, she reached up to release the tether and said "happy birthday Peter", then giggling she and Mei left.

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