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5/29/2006 5:40 am

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I looked outside and saw it was raining outside,dissappointment shot through me.My doorbell rang,and there my lover stood soaking wet, I stripped off his clothes and through them in the dryer. Since he was naked ,I took him to my room put some music on.waiting til the right song came on and started to dance for him.The beat of the song vibrating in my veins, I removed my top,revealing my lacy bra underneath. My hips gyrating I undid my bra ,let it fall to the floor and cupped my breasts,my fingers tweaking my nipples.Lover reaches for me, his hard cock sticking straight out from his body, I dance out of his reach,my hands going to my skirt,releasing the clasp and shoving my wet pussy in his face. His hands reach out and grab my hips while his tongue invades my pussy,I gasp and hold his head,his tongue playing with my clit bar. I moan and pushfurther onto his mouth. He stops his torture of my pussy,stands up,and pushes me on my hands and knees on the bed .His hands steadying me ,he rams his cock into me ,up to the hilt.I shudder when his cock hits my g-spot,still holding my hips,he ramms my hot pussy,making wetness come from my pussy and soak his cock. He pulls his cock out of my pussy and ramms it into my ass,filling me before I have a chance to object.I rear up and move my ass up and down ,riding his cock with my ass,my fingers working my clit. I take him all the way in my ass and explode writhing with passion.collapsing on the bed as he pulled out of my ass and came all over my back.

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WOW made me want to be caught in the rain.

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